I just heard over the radio that the midwestern part of the U.S. has had enough of all the freezing cold, snow, and winter weather. They have endured tons of snow and subfreezing temperatures this past winter…snow storm after snow-packed storm. “Enough’s enough! I can’t wait for the sun to come in full force,” expressed a local played by the news soundbite, hinting at the desired warmth and relief that spring offers.

That got me thinking…

When the Son (of God) comes, it will come at a time when the world has been steeped, covered, surrounded, seeped, and penetrated with physical and spiritual darkness and cold. Lifelessness and death will abound, hearts and deeds will be cold, warmth is sparse, darkness will be tireless.

People will be physically and spiritually hungry and fatigued, longing for warmth, relief, and ultimately…salvation from their present conditions. They will be looking for a savior of some form…the more immediate, the better. And there will be many who will offer themselves as their savior.

However, the Son will come in full force…first in gradually increasing increments of warmth, then in full blaze of glory and power.

When the Son comes “in full force”, are we ready to receive Him? Would we welcome Him?