The Lord allows his people to be surrounded by darkness so that His people may be the light that provides relief and light to those who are lost in that darkness.

When we find ourselves in places or situations where we’d much rather not be in (usually difficult or noisy or tumultuous), we may actually have been placed there by the Lord, wherein we’re expected to bring light and truth. We may have to learn just how to do it…but we come into those situations with the seeds of light…and with just enough knowledge and strength…to start growing within that darkness…with the ultimate goal of piercing through that darkness.

Sometimes, we are the “hard hitters” because we have the strength to break through the walls of darkness.

Sometimes, we’re there to cast out the darkness because it is His will that we do so.

But, most of the time, we’re there not to fight the darkness and cause it to leave, but just to be a light within it, and become a haven of safety and hope for others struggling within that darkness.

Just like a plant seed, we are creations of light. Light is what we are designed to seek. It is what we need to survive. And we’ll push through obstacles until we see that light. And once we’ve taken root, and we’ve found the light, and we live in that light, and we’ve been tested through the winds and storms of life, it’s through our works (our fruit) that we give strength to others, provide shelter from the storms, and point others to the light that gives us life.

The Lord is, now, positioning His people wherever he needs them to do the most good. Some will be defenders. Some, growers. Some, fighters. Some, builders. Others, lifters, anchors, teachers, guides, healers, watchmen, givers of hope. Regardless of the task…if that task is our assignment from Him…that task is POWER and LIGHT.

We need to realize that the Lord will not remove His People during the coming “time of darkness” unless He needs to….because this darkness will envelop the entire world. He needs His People available….to cleanse and prepare them, to teach them, and to use them as “pockets of light” for others seeking refuge. He will position His people where He needs them.

While it seems that the season of darkness gathers upon us, and as the people and beings who have aligned themselves to the motives and actions of darkness gather strength, remember this: the Lord is positioning the people who have the proper strength and skills (power) and knowledge and conviction (light) where He needs them…most often, where there is darkness surrounding them…because it is IN DARKNESS where LIGHT is MOST USEFUL, MOST VALUABLE, MOST NEEDED. He will polish and cleanse his people as necessary…and that may require the often painful and uncomfortable scrubbing power of repentance…but that is because He needs them in their optimum usefulness.

It’s up to us to live up to His expectations of what “His People” are supposed to be. Our job is to trust Him when He leads us through the purging fires of trial and tribulation, trust Him when He is stretching and preparing us, trust Him when He is positioning us, and then focus our eyes on Him, on His will, on His ways of doing things as we do our commissioned task…and, like Peter who walked on water, we’ll find ourselves doing things we thought were impossible to do.

– Omar Aguilar