Words have meaning.  Their blessing…and curse…is that they’re burdened with so many definitions.  Even my beginning statement “Words have meaning” already has more than one definition from a reader’s point of view:

1. Words have different definitions, depending on how someone reads it based on their understanding of that word at that point in time.  That’s going to change as his understanding increases.

2. Words have importance.  Simply put, words matter to us.  Words help us shape our understanding.  Whenever we hear or read or say a word, the definition that exists in our head is what we mean.  We automatically assume that it means the same thing whenever someone else hears or reads our words. Unfortunately, it’s not always the same definition in someone else’s head.

If the same word can have many meanings (definitions) to different people, how do we understand each other when we say the same word to each other?

I’m no linguist…and I’m not here to claim any expert opinion either way.  But here’s what I know.  Words have become an interesting battlefield for the minds and hearts of men.  Words can build people up, inspire, ignite imagination, direct, teach, and heal.  The very same words can be used to misdirect, mislead, demean, distract, and destroy.  The definition of a word has also become a battlefield.  A word with a “good” or “harmless” definition can be saddled with a potentially “bad” one (“gay” is an obvious one, “free”, “service”, “happy ending”, “tolerate”…to name a few).  The more definitions you put on a word, the greater the potential for misunderstanding.  But words can also be symbolic…and that puts another level of definition to it.  Actions also influence how words are defined and understood.

So what do we do?  Understanding each other requires us to know what we mean, be able to explain ourselves to someone else, and truthfully live according to the words we mean and say.

In the Bible, we read: “let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.”   (Matthew 5:37)

In other words, the way we ought to communicate should be simple:  If we say “Yes”, then we mean “Yes”.  If “No”, then “No”.  Anything else is deceptive, misleading, untruthful.   “Truth” is exactly what it says it is.   Its state of being and its actions are  in harmony with the TRUE DEFINITION of a word.

So, what’s the TRUTHFUL definition of a word?

Welcome to the beginning of this journey.  The world hungers for what is true, what is simple, and in harmony with what truly is.  You search the Internet for some kind of fulfilment….because you are hungry for something.   And maybe, you ended up here for some reason unknown to you.  I hope I can help give you the tools so that you can discern the truth for yourself.

Discerning Truth

Discerning truth in anything is quite broad…so we will narrow the scope to “words” and “language”.  You can apply it to other things from here.  However, I’m not going to give you all the tools at this point.  My purpose here is to get one started.  I will, eventually, keep adding to your toolbox.

First, realize that not everything around you is what is always meant.  We live in a time when Truth and Deception are placed in front of you at the same time.  (Think Photoshop…in language form.)  If you can willingly accept that, then you’re ready for the tool.

Here’s the tool:  You are first gauge of truth.  If you’re in the habit of taking everything that is said as what is meant…that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Recognize this:  You are an “honest” seeker.  And by that, I mean this: You are a seeker of what is truthful, what is honest, and you want to see the world and people around you in the same way.   You believe everyone sees things the way you do….until you’re misunderstood, of course.  You were born with this “gauge” of truth…because, you are a Being of truth.   Truth is what you seek because truth is Who You Are….and You are what you believe, You are what you say, what you think, what you feel, and what you do.  You know when what you say is…or isn’t…what you mean.  You know when you’re misunderstood because you know exactly what you’re trying to say.   You know when you did what you said you’d do…and you know when you didn’t do it.  You know when you’re saying exactly what you’re feeling (“I’m so mad right now”) or when you’re not (“I’m fine, thanks.”).  You can sense when someone else isn’t being truthful with you…because you’ve done the same thing as they’ve done.   You can tell!  You can also sense when someone is being truthful to you.

In order to discern truth…you must first clean out your “Truth-Discerning” tool (your heart, mind, actions, life) to make sure it’s sensitive enough and free of “debris”.  Otherwise, what good is a rusty, broken-down tool that won’t work?  So, be as you say you’d be.  Do as you said you’d do.  Mean what you say, and say what you mean.  If you said, Yes…then mean Yes.  If you said No, then mean No.  If you say, “I love you”…unconditionally…then mean it and live it.   When your words and your actions and your feelings and your thoughts match each other truthfully….This is simply the word Integrity.

Simply put:  Truth is…what something is: from yesterday, to today, up to forever.  It doesn’t change.

Simply put:  You…are a being of Truth.  You came from Truth…and, if you’re not living in a Truthful manner…you can change that.  That’s the beginning of “living with Integrity”.

Simply put: The key to discerning and recognizing truth….is to live that way first.  So, a key to truth, really, is You.

That’s not all, of course….but it’s a start.

– Omar Aguilar