In John 6:38, Jesus Christ says:

      For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.

Can we say this of ourselves?  We are sent here from heaven to fulfil some role, to bring some kind of goodness and light to our sphere of influence. There is a part that we must do in God’s greater plan…and He’s trusting us and depending on us to do our part.  He needs us to trust Him, do what we’re instructed to do, and then listen and wait for further instructions.

Are we here to do our own will, the things that we’d much rather do for ourselves (“me time” as some would call it)…or to do the will of Him that sent us?

For those things that we are afraid to do, He can grant us power and courage to do them.  We just have to supply our will to do it.

Let us not deny His Power to help us. Let us not deny ourselves the power…and moments…to help others.  Let us not deny Him the chance to use us as His Hands to do His work…and work miracles in someone else’s life.

What is our role on this earth? Why are you here? How does the Lord need you, need me, to acomplish what He needs to get done? Ask Him. Search your patriarchal blessing…and pay attention.  As we search our hearts on how to improve our Self, let us seek to do the will of Him that sent us.

Let us Stand strong.  Let us stand as His witness.  Bring light and truth wherever you are…and help prepare the world for the Greater Light that’s still to come.