Post updated 6/19: Link to article is fixed.

I heard this song debuted last week…and it’s an amazing rendition of My Country ’tis of Thee.  Even more amazing to me is the backstory behind it…because the same kind of thing has happened to me many times in different circumstances.  I recognize those kinds of experiences….   She agreed to record this in a studio agreeing to have ALL proceeds go to helping our veterans and education (none going to her or to the charity’s administrative costs either). So, listen to the interview of this 17 year old, and then listen to her song.  If you so feel inclined, buy it and know that your contribution is 100% given to a worthy cause.

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These things happen…I know from personal experience that they do.  And they’re just amazing experiences.  When God works through you, He takes you on quite the trip of your life…so hang on!