2013-10-16 - The one you love 2

This was a thought that had come to me late last year as I talked to my younger sister about her struggle with her boyfriend of five years (or so) and her desire to marry.  I also thought about my own relationship with my wife to look for how my heart dealt with keeping and refreshing the love in our marriage.  About the same time, I thought about my own relationship with God the Father, Heavenly Father, and what I did to worship Him…and how my heart and spirit were dealing with all of that.  In all of these things, I found out what my DEVOTION was…it was with whom I DEVOTED my time.  I found myself longing for certain things in my relationships…but ultimately, I found myself longing for the person in that particular relationship.  And when you long for that person, you want to spend as much of your time with them as you can.  It sure helps when the other person in your relationship longs for you as well!  It makes your union and companionship that much sweeter, and it then becomes a well-spring source of happiness.

Too many people regard relationships as vending machines:  I get something I want…immediately…for a the price I’m willing to pay…even if what I get isn’t really long lasting or satisfying.  It’s “junk food” satisfaction that fills your hunger for the moment, only to leave you hungry for more not too long after.  And the price to pay?  Very little sacrifice if possible.

Truly loving relationships do not leave you lacking or wanting.  You find yourself coming back because you find yourself filled, more than satisfied.  You come back because you want to, because you are happy whenever you are there.  It’s like coming back for another hug just because it feels so good to be in it!  It naturally invites you back…and you naturally wish to give back to it as well.  Ultimately, the initial sacrifice you pay to be in such a relationship becomes a willingness to give of your self…freely…even to the point of giving your entire life for the other.  To an outsider, to give up your entire life to and for another is Sacrifice.  To the person in that relationship, it is not Sacrifice anymore; it is Devotion, Love, and Loyalty.

Do I love my wife enough to long for her when I’m away from her?  You bet!

Do I love Heavenly Father…enough to long to improve my relationship with Him…while I try to do so and find my way back to Him again?  You bet!

And that’s where we begin to show our Love…our Devotion…to God and to the people in our lives:  in our longing for them.  The work to show that love, to nurture that love, and grow it permanently is naturally what follows the longing, but…we must long to be with them first.

– Omar Aguilar