A couple of days ago, I came to work rather hungry.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I would have for lunch.  I didn’t want to bring leftovers from dinner the night before so that the kids would have something to eat for lunch that day and that my wife wouldn’t have to cook (since she worked the night before).  I settled in my mind that I would just have something from my “emergency” stash of food that I keep at work…a package of noodles.  And I just had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

As lunch time approached, my friend and co-worker Mark started to heat up what smelled like fried chicken.  Wow…that smelled good! (When you’re hungry, everything smells good!)  And he started eating early—about 10:30 A.M.  It was really hard not to think about how good that would taste for lunch, especially since my desk was next to the microwave oven, but I didn’t really think anymore of it.  Then, about an hour later (after he had eaten about 3 large pieces of chicken), he said to me, “You know, Omar, I’ve got one more piece of chicken that you can have.  It’s for you if you want it.”  I was surprised…and thankful!  I didn’t expect that at all, nor did I ask for it.


Not too long after I ate my noodles and the chicken for my lunch, Mark came over to my desk carrying a large platter laid with turkey and ham deli sandwiches left over from a meeting he just had.  He said, “Here, have some.”  Out of the blue.  All of this…for no thought of anything in return.  Just a gesture of good will from a friend…and I, a surprised recipient!  He didn’t know of my lack-o-lunch situation either…but I was really filled that day, both in my heart and in my tummy.


I feel like God was watching out for me that day.  Such a merciful God!  I think He felt sorry for me….but talk about generous!  That what He is!  He used an unsuspecting someone to be His instrument of good…to bless me…in my time of need.  And he gave me more than what I really wanted or needed.  I don’t know why He did that.  I don’t really think I did anything to be deserving of it.  But somehow, He loved me enough to send someone to feed me when I needed it.  Call it a “love note” from God, if you will, that pretty much told me, “I’m watching out for you; I know your needs.”  It reminds me now of how, in the Bible (1 Kings 17) the Lord sent ravens to feed the prophet Elijah during the great drought, or how, through that same prophet, a widow and her son were able to miraculously survive the drought with a handful of flour, some oil, and faith in a generous God.

Maybe, God needs me to learn something from this:  I feel like I need to be willing to help to someone else in their time of need….without asking for anything in return, without expecting anything back….and without waiting to be told to help.  Ours is not to know when we’ll be used as His instrument in His hands.  Ours is just to be willing to bless, to help, to serve others…as the moment needs it…and let God take care of the rest.