Here’s a song from Colbie Caillat that I recently discovered…and I love the message she gives, as well as the poignant commentary on today’s perspectives on beauty:

We live in a world that considers Superficial Beauty as highly sought for…and social culture has accepted that in order to be beautiful, you must add on make- up.  I find it interesting that the world’s beauty is “make-up”….or, rather, “made up”.  You are covering up the real, true you with something you that is “pretend”.  I’ve seen beautiful young ladies dress up for special occasions…only to ruin a beautiful face with painted-on, caked-on make-up.  Why?  Why regard artificial beauty as greater than what is truly your own beauty? Why depend on unnatural tactics to “enhance” what is naturally beautiful.  Why have we accepted the world’s message that we are ugly to begin with…and now need to “paint” ourselves with their “make-up” to look beautiful?

I have a wife who is beautiful just the way she is; she hardly ever puts on make-up…and when she does, uses very little of it.  I love that!  I have a daughter who is just as beautiful…eyes a-twinkle whenever she smiles.  I love that!  I have sisters and sisters-in-law who are beautiful…even without their makeup.  I have seen my mothers and grandmothers without makeup…and I like them better that way…because they look great without it!  I love that!  Simple beauty…

But why stick with the superficial beauty only?  Each of these women have great qualities about them other than good looks, and I value those qualities as well…from their innate gifts of love and nurturing, skills, and talents, to their ability to draw people to them and lift them up.

Why do we put up a worldly facade…a facial resume, if you will…just so they “LIKE” you?

To you, young men…if you cannot see ALL that is beautiful in a young woman…without ever touching her…then you are blind, and your heart needs to break free from the physical passions that grip you.  Do not use a woman to gauge your own worth.  See the value that is in you, for you are more than the world says you are…that is–a brute that sees women as nothing more than pacifiers for his passions.  No. You are their protector and friend.  When you become her companion for life and family, you are her Husband and joint-partner, a hand-in-hand companion, a father, trusted…united…embraced…complete.

To you, young women…you don’t need to work so hard to bring out the beauty in you.  A rose may be different from a daisy, a lily, a tulip…but each one’s simple beauty and unique fragrance pleases the eye and gladdens the heart…by design.  And so it is with you.  You don’t need to “make up” your beauty.  You are beautiful…by design.  If you feel “unseen”…you aren’t.  Allow yourself to blossom naturally, for a flower that blossoms in its due time will discover that bees will naturally come…and stay.  Discover your gifts…and bring beauty, virtue, and grace with each touch of your hand, each word from your mouth, each embrace of your arms, each step towards another.  Your eyes will see heads that hang low, weak hands, feeble knees, and troubled hearts…and you will be there, with the softness and gentleness and brightness and perkiness that only you can bring to them…and you will see that you have more to give than the world can ever try to photoshop onto you.

You don’t need to try…for you are designed with a beauty that the world doesn’t understand.  It is beauty from God’s palette, and you are His canvas.  Allow the Master to paint His Masterpiece…with you…through you…on you.