Whenever I travel, I use my GPS device as a traffic indicator.  I check the road ahead, whether there’s traffic or not, so I can adjust my travel plans accordingly and avoid any delays.  There’s a comforting sense of certainty when you can see the road ahead.

So, a couple of days ago, as I drove to work and listened to my usual “talk radio” show, I checked my GPS for any traffic up ahead because I was running somewhat late and traffic was starting to build up.  It was my second week at my new job, and I was training.  Consequently, I found that I have less time listening to the radio as I’m used to, even at any other time during the day.  So, I feel like I’m not as “plugged in” to the world as I used to be…as if I was driving blind.  And who do I listen to over the radio in the morning?  The Glenn Beck show.  And since they’re my “portal” into what’s happening and what could be happening, they are like my G.P.S. for the world…in particular:  (G)lenn. (P)at. (S)tu.  (The three talk radio hosts for the show….you know, to see the road ahead.)

However, that morning, the Spirit whispered this to me: “If you insist on having a G.P.S. to get you through your day, and you can’t listen to your favorite program in the morning, why not try (G)od.(P)riesthood.(S)pirit. instead?   (G)od.(P)rayer.(S)pirit. works too!”

While the Priesthood is the power of and authority from God to act and do things in the name of Christ under the Spirit’s guidance, Prayer is our conduit for Revelation.  Through the Spirit, Revelation is the tool God uses to *reveal* things to us…even the road ahead.

How can I argue with that?