“Generally there is in man a divinity which strives to push him onward and upward. We believe that this power within him is the spirit that comes from God. Man lived before he came to this earth, and he is here now to strive to perfect the spirit within. At sometime in his life, every man is conscious of a desire to come in touch with the Infinite. His spirit reaches out for God. This sense of feeling is universal, and all men ought to be, in deepest truth, engaged in the same great work—the search for and the development of spiritual peace and freedom.”
(David O. McKay, Conference Report, Oct. 1963, 7.)

In the past, there were many times I wondered about why I was born in the country where I was born, to the family I was born to, to experience the people and experiences I was exposed to.  In contrast, I wondered…why wasn’t I born back in more ancient days like during the time of Moses or of Christ or of the American pioneers, why I wasn’t born in Europe or Africa or China.  It was my way of searching who I was…even though, yes, I was born within and belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…more commonly known as the “Mormons”.  Yes, even though we are taught about who we are, where we came from, and our purpose for being here…to me…it was more a general understanding rather than a personal one.  I hungered to know for myself…in God’s great plan, among his countless children, who I was to Him.  I wanted to know my personal place in this world…and the purpose for why I was sent here….my personal mission on this earth….during these days of encroaching darkness as well as miraculous Light and understanding.

And show me, He began…

He began to open up my eyes by sending my way a friend….Ashley Kennard.   I had just finished my second year in college, and I was preparing to go serve as a missionary.  At that time, I was feeling despondent, lonely, and unsure of myself.  For some reason, I felt worthless…to my family, to myself, and to God.   And that’s when her letter came.  Affixed within the letter was a pin…an angel.  Within that letter not only came words of encouragement and appreciation, but she told me this, “You are an angel.”  At that time, I believed it to mean that as a missionary, I would be like a messenger from heaven…sent with the words from God to a people who were being prepared to receive it.  It bolstered me.  It picked me up.  But also, it gave me purpose:  I would not be going as Me.  I would be going as God’s servant.

That changed me.  First of all, God knew the hungers and longing of my heart.  And He answered me in my time of need by sending another to comfort me.  Second, Ashley became an angel to me…a great friend that became my personal Angel.  And then I began to see people with new eyes….eyes that wanted to see the better part of others…whether they know it or not.  And third, I began my journey of discovering who I really was…and it started with someone’s tender words of, “You are an angel.”

Now, I have a much better idea of my role in this world….and I’m trying to live and improve on that role the more I understand it.  The Lord shows me how from time to time.  I just have to be humble enough to listen…and do.   And when I do, He magnifies me in ways I don’t expect.

So will He …with you.

You see…each one of us has something within us…a purpose for being here.   Each one of us has a mission to perform, strengths to offer, weaknesses to improve upon, and a part to play in this great tapestry I like to call “God’s Master Plan” that includes all of us.  And within that Master Plan is a personal plan…a personal mission for each one of us.  We all exist for one great purpose:  To come home to God…and to want to be with Him again.  But also, each one of us exists for a particular purpose: to help each other find our way back to Him…the source of all goodness and light….in our own way, the way that we’re good at.  So, each one of us has been given a light…this essence of goodness…whether it is compassion, strength, gentleness, boldness, eloquence, simplicity…that we can use to improve our circumstances and each other.   Whatever that gift is that you have…find it.  And use it….for comforting, teaching, enlightening, inspiring, lifting, improving…whatever good that you can do…Do it!  And allow Him to show you how…

Because within you…an angel exists.

Within you…is something….Glorious.