Some time ago, I got mad at one of my children for doing something they weren’t supposed to do.  Of course, after the initial flash of anger, my child became belligerent, argumentative, and just plain difficult to deal with.  You can probably imagine the scenario all too well…it’s a common one.

Once I noticed that I wasn’t going anywhere, and I realized that my child wasn’t going to listen to me no matter what I said, I paused…to listen. In a split moment, I heard these words come to my mind:

Do unto others
As you’d have God
Do to you.

I then realized that I had to discipline my children the way I’d like God to discipline me when I make mistakes.  I had to teach my kids in the same manner I’d want God to teach me.  Be gentle with them if I want gentleness for me.  Be more merciful if I want to obtain mercy for me.  Be more patient with their failures if I want the same for me.  Be more understanding.  Take time to know what’s going on. Be firm, yet kind.  Forgive failures, and help them do better.

I received the best instruction in my mind that day…instruction from a heavenly parent, even Heavenly Father.  Who can compare to the understanding of ages, the wisdom of heaven?

For this new year, may we all strive to do to others…as we’d have God do to us.