I overheard a conversation between two people about how difficult it was to wake people up regarding the trouble in the world looming over us.  One wished that he had the voice of an angel to shake the earth and get more people to listen. Then his friend said something like, “You have exactly the voice that you need….and it’s what God has already given you…that which you have right now.”

As I heard that, a silent commentator in my head piped up…as if to complement what I was hearing:

“You are already perfect in that.  In other words, you are COMPLETE with your “voice”: you have what you need, it’s exactly what you need, and it functions according to the purpose it was given to you.  All that’s required now for you to magnify its perfection are: the words that will be given to you, your heart and the life you give to those words, the meekness you need to stay connected to God, and your own personal witness of the truthfulness of those words.

You are already perfect…or COMPLETE…with the voice you already have.  You just have to use it.”

I pondered at the message that I just heard:  You are already PERFECT with what you already have and who you already are.  You already have what you need.  It’s what God already gave you.  You are already COMPLETE with what you need.  Just run with it!

Run With It

This idea of “God’s idea of Perfection is COMPLETE-NESS, not FLAWLESS-NESS” has been in my mind for some time.  It’s something that was impressed upon me earlier this year.  I haven’t been able to shake it off.

The question really is: Will I run with it?  Would I believe the thought?  Would I even consider it…before I got any kind of confirmation?  Would I give it a chance to work in me?  Would I give it a chance to prove itself?  Would I try to observe it around me?  Would I accept it if it demonstrated itself?  All before I got any kind of confirmation that the thought came from God to begin with?

That’s happening to me a lot now.  I’m starting to get thoughts that, to me, are magnificent on their own, and I don’t want to think that they’re my own thoughts.   I have come to know that ideas that come to me that I haven’t thought of before are not mine to claim…but are God’s to own.

Assured and Confirmed

After I’ve studied and pondered these thoughts for a few weeks, and I’ve begun to embrace them…only then does the Lord point out to me that they came from God after all.  How?  Other people start talking about the same thoughts, but expressing the ideas in different ways.  I’ve never mentioned these thoughts to them at all because I’ve never met them, and these thoughts aren’t being broadcasted anywhere!  It’s as if God was putting the same thought into different people who would listen to Him…and then bringing these people to cross paths with me, even unwittingly. As I hear them speak, I also hear an inner voice that brings up the thought…and point out how it connects with what they’re saying.  I’m being taught at the same moment I’m hearing them!  It confirms to me that what I was thinking about was true.

God told me a long time ago that I would “come to a wonderful understanding of what to expect even before they are given to you”.  And I realize now that this is how He does it…by giving me these thoughts and ideas long before anyone else is talking about them. Only after some time later does He confirm what’s been in my mind. why?  Because He wants me to learn to trust Him first, before I get any kind of confirmation or assurance from anyone, anywhere.

My Test

With all these new thoughts, my challenge has always been: Will I run with it?  Because I have no confirmation yet that it is from God.  No confirmation…yet.  And this is my test…of FAITH!  Will I believe it…and use it…and trust it…before I get any kind of assurance that it truly is from God?  My only test is whether or not it invites me and others to do good.  Also, the thought not only makes sense, but it opens up new avenues of thought.  It brings up new ideas that I’ve never thought of or considered before.  It clarifies many things that I haven’t fully understood.  It satisfies my hunger for understanding!

Isn’t that what Faith really is?  To Trust…not just to Believe…before you see any evidence of what you’re trusting?  It’s not just believing (being willing to accept) it, but actually engaging ourselves with it….before getting any evidence that it’s good.  You may get an assurance now and then, but that’s usually about it.  This is what “Trusting in His Word” means.  This is the essence of Faith.

Then, if we truly consider it, study it, and it enlarges our understanding, engages our heart, and invites us to do good, then it must be good….and comes from God.  If this thing excites us to the point that we invite others to God, then it must be from God.

Faith, then, is a trust that we place upon something that we cannot see.  If “that thing” is true, even better.  It’s not merely being open or willing to accept that thing that we can’t see (it’s what I call “believing”)….even though, that’s where it starts.  Faith is much more than believing…because it requires us to act, to SHOW “HOW WE TRUST”…even if the evidence or results of our actions haven’t come yet.  We cannot expect to harvest results if we haven’t shown the faith to plant the seed of that trust, nurture it, and wait patiently.

What is Perfect Faith then?

Perfect Faith starts with a Desire and Willingness to Accept (also called “Believing”) in someone or something.  Then, we Trust….without any evidence, and maybe with assurances that something good will come out of this.  Then, we continue to believe.  We consider, study it out, test it out, work with it, and put that Trust to work.  And we Wait Patiently.  As we do, we begin to see the results.  The results confirm whether or not what we’ve trusted is actually good, and what we expected.

Simply Put

– Perfect Faith (or Complete Faith) is composed of the Spark of Desire, the Willingness of Belief, the Meekness of Trust, the Diligence of Work, the Persistence of Patience, and the Firm Anticipation of Results called Hope.

– The Test of Faith is whether or not we will “run with it” before really knowing the results, whether or not assurance is given before we run.

– The Reward of Faith is a Confirmation of the Truthfulness of what we’ve trusted, whether the results were desireable or not.  In other words, we get The Truth, whether we like what we got…or not.

– The Target of our Faith….can be anything:  People, ideas, methods, institutions, organizations, teachings.

– The Object of our Faith…should be God.

– The LDS Lamplighter