Amnesty: a pardoning of offenses…and given unobstructed allowance to remain, take root, stay present, with no action taken against.

In common man’s terms:  if it was bad before, I won’t consider it as bad anymore, I’ll let it stay, and it can exist without any negative repercussions from anyone…especially from me.

That said…

The amnesty of all drugs…requires removing restrictions on drugs….and legalizing all drugs.

The amnesty of all illegal immigrants…requires removing borders and restrictions for outsiders.

The amnesty of all gender…requires the devaluing, and transfiguration, of gender identity.

The amnesty of all “food”…requires the removal of the idea, and process, of naturally grown food.

The amnesty of all ideas of marriages….requires the denigration of marriage by man and woman alone.

The amnesty of “anything’s a family”…requires the breaking up of families and the redefinition of roles of each member of family.

The amnesty of abortion…requires belittling the value of human life through violence-as-entertainment.

The amnesty of debt…requires removing financial responsibility and accountability.

The amnesty of stupidity…requires the removal of wisdom by focusing on info acquisition (knowledge) only.

The amnesty of violence…requires the neutralization of police and self-defense.

The amnesty of fear…requires the removal of trust and faith…in each other, and in God.

The amnesty of tyranny…requires the removal of self-governance.

The amnesty of “world peace”…requires the removal of the idea self-defense to institute an over-arching Enforcer.

The amnesty of Globalization…requires the diminishing, devaluing, and demoralization of independent America.

The amnesty of safety…requires the removal of freedom, of privacy, and of personal responsibility.

The amnesty of dependence…requires the removal self-reliance, independence, responsibility, and personal accountability,…to promote indolence.

The amnesty of Any Speech…requires the removal of censorship to impose “Toleration”.

The amnesty of “Toleration”…is the suppression and removal of any disagreeing voice.

The amnesty of “Diversity”…requires the removal of Individuality….to impose Equality.

The amnesty of “Equality”…requires the removal of freedom, and to allow “force” and “compulsion” to take over.

The amnesty of inaction…requires the removal of work, of effort, of difficulty, of pain.

The amnesty of sin…requires ignoring of and ignorance to spiritual and moral laws.

The amnesty of evil…requires the removal of good.

The amnesty of wickedness…requires the removal of Conscience.

The amnesty of vice: bad, disrespectful, defiant, rebellious behavior…requires removing morals and virtue.

The amnesty of all morals…requires the removal of morality.

The amnesty of deception…requires the manipulation and ultimately, the removal, of truth.

The amnesty of “all truth” (or accepting everything as truth)…requires the removal of common sense and the distortion of belief.

The amnesty of all beliefs: Humanism, Trans-humanism, Atheism, Secularism, and all other -isms…requires the removal of, and defiance to, the idea and existence of the One True God.

Willful Acceptance

How do you get a society to willfully accept the amnesty of everything while excluding or rejecting anything that is good and of God?  The same way you get an unsuspecting person to ingest poison willfully:  you coat it in “candy”, present it as “good, humorous, fun, exciting, or good for you” and give it a little at a time so they can’t tell that they’re being poisoned.

It’s poison…coated in:
Humor: lighthearted, racuous, mocking, jest
Fun: They just use the word “fun”…even if it really isn’t…just to give it a more “playful” appeal.
Thrill:  Exciting!  Once in a lifetime!  Best.Thing.Ever!
Subliminal Pressure: “It’s the Norm….Mainstream.”  “Everyone’s doing it anyway.” “Don’t be left behind.”  “You deserve it.”  “It’s what you want.”  “There’s nothing you can do to counter it.”
Moral-imitating value: “Good for you”  “Be bold and fearless.”  “Family values”  “Value-added”  “Win-win”

Simply put:  Through Deception.

When you remove the filters of life…you WILL eventually get EVERYTHING….desired and undesired, good and evil…all mixed together as one big BAD.  And, because there’s nothing to hold it back, it will come as a flood.

Are you sure you wanna drink that unfiltered stuff?


Now is your time to stand your ground of Truth in a stadium of Deception.  Even a stadium of Darkness cannot quench the light of a single match.  In fact, even if that lighted match finds the darkness already there, waiting, that very darkness has to flee from the presence, the light, of that one match, once lit.  And when that one match joins its light with the light of many other matches, eventually, the darkness can only hide in the shadows.  And the brighter the light grows, the darker the shadows become.  We can only expect it.

But shadows can never extinguish light.  They only exist because Light exists.  Without Light, Shadows are meaningless.  Shadows think to gain power by taking Light away…but they never realize that if they do, they, too, cease to exist;  they become purposeless voids.

The only way for Darkness to take over (the Amnesty of Darkness) is for Light to be willingly extinquished by those who hold it.

Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world.
Behold, I am the light which ye shall hold up–that which ye have seen me do.

(Jesus Christ, in speaking to his disciples.)
3 Nephi 18:24

What does this mean?  The “light” that you hold up are the things that you do that you have seen Jesus do. You’re doing what He did, and striving to be as He is.  The power of Light is such that it draws all men to it.  Light promotes growth, gives life, allows you to see what is before you, and shows you the truth of all things.  Light gives warmth, provides direction, encourages, and awakens.  Light casts out Darkness.

Therefore, Stand…with Light.

The LDS Lamplighter