There is a Land…

Choice above others
– Rich in Soil
– Rich in Heritage
– Rich in Legacy
– Rich in Beauty
– Rich in Opportunity

It is a Land of Promise
– It promises Prosperity
…to those who will work
…to those who serve righteousness and good
…to those who will be humble

– It promises Freedom
…to those who defy Tyranny
…to those who value morals and morality
…to those who protect what is good, what is right, what is true
…to those who live according to righteous laws

– It promises Peace
…to the practicers of Peace
…to the Peace makers
…to the Peace givers
…to those who will put down their Shouts and Weapons of War:
— revolution, anger,
— contention, disobedience,
— hate, discontent,
— arrogance, envy,
— slothfulness
Yes, put down these Weapons….For Peace

It is a Land of A Promise
For a promise was made to its People–
Yes, to any of those that would live upon this land–
That if they would keep the Laws of God
Then He would Prosper them,
That no weapon formed against them would prosper…
IF…He would be their God,
And they chose to be His people.

And if they chose not…
And they chose to defy Him instead…
Then, His Hand of Protection
would be lifted
Not for them
But against them.
An act of Tough Love.
To give His people a reason
To remember Him once more
And a Chance
To return to Him.

This Land,
His People,
To hold up the light
…of Liberty
…of Peace
…of Freedom

To that people, He says,
“Hold up your light
that it may shine unto the world.
Behold I am the light
which ye shall hold up—
that which ye have seen me do.”

This Land,
His People,
To hold up
The Light
of Heaven

Bear it up,
in Righteousness,
in Peace,
in Humility,
in Industry,
and receive the Promises
He has reserved
for His people.

For this
Is His Land.