Fathers today are quickly being belittled, devalued, e-masculated, and de-masculated.  It is as if the worth of a father is no more recognized out of the home as well as in the home.  Taking their place is Mother….whether she takes it willingly, or the world or circumstances put her there.  Whether our earthly fathers or our Heavenly Father, the value of fathers and fatherhood is diminishing.

Have you ever noticed how few songs there are about Fathers?

I know of some, like Leader of the Band by Dan Fogelberg and Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross…but they have a feeling of tender regret, a wishful request to relive what had been, to be able to do what should’ve been done before they were gone.

Then there’s Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle and Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman.  These speak of the wonderful relationship between a father and his daughter.   These, I love, not just because of the tenderness they portray, but because I, too, have a daughter, and I wish to have that same tenderness with my own.

However, the song that speaks to me the most, is I Love You, Son, by Joshua Creek.  It is the kind of father I have.  It is the kind of father I–and many others–wish to be.

Let us plant the seeds of fatherhood–its nobility, its strength, its goodness, and its love–into our children, that they may never forget the Love of a Father….and the Love of Our Father.

Enjoy the song…I Love You, Son…by Joshua Creek: