The problem with temptation is that it “feels so good” when you succumb to it.  It’s so seductive, so easy, so convenient, and so self-gratifying.  Temptation wants you to focus on yourself, on “filling your wants”, while making it all seem legitimate and self-deserving at the same time.  Furthermore, this is when the Master Tempter says, there’s no such thing as evil or the devil…so give in to what feels good.. because “it’s all good”, “everything is awesome”, “everyone is super”.

So, when others “inspire” you, encourage you, or applaud you to “do what feels good”…you may wish to reconsider what they’re actually leading you to do: give in to temptation, submit yourself to none else than “what feels good”, and don’t worry about the devil…’cause he says he dont’ exist…

Much like what a crocodile hidden and submerged in an African water hole says to the animals thirsty enough to want to take a drink.

– The LDS Lamplighter