This poem came at a time when I struggled between two perceptions of myself: a Hindrance…and a Help.  An Obstacle that sapped strength…or a Challenge that developed strength. 

This poem was an answer to a prayer that helped me see that I was more than how I saw myself:

I am a Mountain.

Though stubborn to move,
I stand where I am placed.
Though I am difficult to traverse and
Difficult to overcome
He who meets me will see victory.
I stand firm
Against the poundings of the storms
of men.
Though storms strike me,
I do not strike back.
Floods may threaten me
And crash at my walls
Yet I will not move nor will I yield.

I offer myself as
A refuge from the floods and storms.
With higher ground,
I assist those seeking
the Wisdom of the Heavens.
I will point towards heaven,
My peaks look upward,
And you, I will lift up.
I protect my valleys
from the enemies without.
I am a safe haven
For those within.

I have the power to crush…
Yet with patience,  I stand instead.
Within me lies the majesty of the ages…
I join in the beauty of the sunset…
Waiting to witness
the rise of the Son.

I offer myself
A foundation
For lighthouses and watchtowers
For the Rock of my Redeemer
Is my Foundation.

Lord, help me
That I may not block
The pathway of Thy miracles.
Help me be
The bedrock of faith
So that Thy miracles
May occur.

Help thy people be
Firm as the mountains…
Stalwart, brave, unafraid to stand.

Let me be
A mountain
Of Thee.


– The LDS Lamplighter