You don’t sacrifice yourself…

to the Lord…

to give up your “badness”.


You offer yourself as The Sacrifice…

A Gift

to the Lord…

to present to Him

Your Best.


Too often, we think of Sacrifice as “something that we give up”.  It’s not.  It’s an offering.  And you don’t offer “rejects”.

As parents, we don’t “give up” our time, our hobbies, our personal “whatevers” in order to raise a family.  No…we offer our best to our children in order to teach them how to become decent, moral, thinking, independent people.  We spend our time providing them with what they need, a safe environment to learn the values of being a good person, challenging them to think for themselves, serve others who need it, and understand and live the virtues of life while helping them discover the gifts and talents they already possess.  That’s what we do as parents.

Soldiers don’t sacrifice (give up) their families and their selves in order to serve a nation.  Rather, they give their best selves to be defenders from traitors, tyrants, oppressors, and out of control governments.  Soldiers of Liberty are citizens who have chosen to be exemplary models of those who preserve people, preserve freedom, preserve goodness, preserve life at whatever cost.  There’s nothing to give up…but everything to give.

Missionaries don’t sacrifice their “normal” life…whether 18 months, 2 years, or how ever many years of serving as a missionary…to be a servant of the Lord.  No.  Missionaries GIVE themselves…their very best spiritual selves…and dedicate their time, talents, and everything they’ve been given…to the building up of people, to the cause of sharing the word of God to those who are willing to listen.  There’s nothing to give up…because it is freely given.

As individuals, whenever there is something that we truly desire to do, haven’t you noticed that you give yourself to that cause…that hobby, passion, or whatever?  Haven’t you noticed that you don’t really give up anything to that cause…but give everything you have into it?  What you truly love…you will give yourself to it.  And everything else falls to the side.  That can be good…or bad.  Because if we truly love our vices, then those virtuous things fall to the side…neglected, forgotten.  In fact, we never gave up the virtues; they just never became important enough for us to give ourselves to them.  But if we truly love virtuous things, the vices just fall to the side…neglected, forgotten.  And that is good.

May we remember that a Sacrifice is really what we give…not what we give up.  For where our heart is, that is where we will give ourselves.  We will present ourselves as a gift, an offering, to the very treasure our heart desires.  May we choose that which is virtuous, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy.  Seek after these things.