I heard a soundbite over the radio from one of the presidential candidates that I found quite curious.  In short, he said “I lean conservative. I strongly lean conservative.”

I find that quite funny…curiously and disingenuously funny.

Why doesn’t he directly say, “I’m a Conservative.” instead?  Why doesn’t he say, “I stand for Conservative Principles”?

Here’s a picture of why I think this is curious:


Let me put it a different way.  Here’s a place in the political spectrum where the Conservatives stand…let’s say it’s in the middle…somewhere:

leanings - 2

And here are the “leanings”:

leanings - 3

Both leanings “lean conservative”, and one “leans stronger” than the other.  Now, while both may claim that they “lean conservative”, where are their feet?  In other words, where are they anchored? 

Just because one claims that he leans one way doesn’t mean he stands with them and that he’s one of them.  He’s really anchored somewhere else.  He’s really committed somewhere else.  He can’t fully commit….in this case, he can’t commit fully to Conservatives.  He doesn’t stand with them.  But for the sake of “political good looks”, he’ll lean in their direction, even if it’s a strong leaning.  But it’s a disingenuous way of patronizing.  It’s deceptive.  It makes one look like he’s on their side…when, really, he’s not…because he doesn’t fully commit himself to the cause.  He’s not a “full convert”, so to speak.  He’s a Conservative in looks only.  And, when people are hungry…nay, starving…for the “One” (Conservative), it’s easy to fill that hunger with junk imitation conservatives. 

It’s akin to how the Lord says in Revelations 3:15-16 –

15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Leaners are “lukewarm”.  They don’t fully stand on one side, preferring to keep themselves anchored somewhere else.  It would be better if they chose a side…either side.  Rather, they choose to lean one side while anchored to another.  Lukewarm.  Spittable.

It takes discernment to tell True Conservatives from Mimic Conservatives.  And guess who has the responsibility of discerning? 

Yep…the ones who truly stand as Conservatives. 

Those who aren’t fully committed will not discern it well.  Those who are “leaners” will not discern the truth. 

Those who seek truth…and know how to find it and detect it…will discern it.

So, when you have someone who leans a particular way…just know, they’re really anchored somewhere else.  No matter how strong they lean…it’s not where their heart is.  They’re just political Mystiques…disguised, and potentially dangerous.

It’s hard enough to detect deception. 

Stand with those who’ll stand with you…not those who’ll lean your way.

Stand with the Truth.


– The LDS Lamplighter