If a tree fell in the woods, and no one was there to hear it, did it make a sound?  A fascinating question…and not just because someone witty thought of it.

What does it actually mean?  The question is not focusing on the Truth (the event that actually happened).  The question actually points to how Truth is conveyed to an intended audience (does the Truth get to the audience).  It focuses on the Witness of the event…because he knows the Truth.

The question can thus be asked in these ways:
– If something happened, and no one was there to witness it, did it really happen?

– If something happened, and someone witnessed it but said nothing, did it really happen?

– If something happened, and no one reported it, did it really happen?

– If something happened, and the witness ignored it, did it really happen?

– If something happened, and the witness focused your attention onto something else, did it really happen?

– If something happened, and someone chose not to report it, did it really happen?

And…Finally…pay attention to this one…because it’s a bit different:

– If something happened, and it was reported…but by mere mention only, with no great focus or emphasis, and the audience was just a small audience…did it really matter?

This is the classic “Jedi Mind Trick”.  It basically says, “What you just witnessed is nothing.  It is not important.  It’s not what you’re looking for.  Move along now.”  Even if it really was what you were looking for!  And this is how the Truth is hidden right before your very eyes.

It’s an interesting perspective on how events are reported….or not reported…by “The Media”–news outlets, radio, TV, online.  Reporting newsworthy events is much like the aims of Photography:  You only see what the camera focuses on, only within the boundary of the lens, with the perspective of the one holding the camera.   You’ll get only what they show, how they show it, and you’re compelled to form a story based on the viewpoint (point of view) of the photographer.   What you don’t see…doesn’t matter for the intended viewpoint….and you’ll never know what you won’t see.  It is “Manipulation of Information through Omission”.

It’s also an interesting perspective on the Audience:  Do we really care?  Or have we become numb enough to not notice the magnitude of the event? Does knowing the truth even mean anything anymore?  Or have we become so discouraged, so disgusted, so disappointed, so confused, so disillusioned, that we don’t even want to pay attention anymore?

That said, here are two events that actually happened over this last weekend of August 2015 that you may…or may not…have been aware of:

* Black Lives Matter protest at the Minnesota State Fair:
Hundreds rally in Black Lives Matter protest at State Fair
http://www.twincities.com/statefair/ci_28725154/state-fair-gate-closes-black-lives-matter-protest  (jump to article)

* All Lives Matter march at Birmingham Alabama:  ”
‘All Lives Matter’ march draws more than 20,000 to Birmingham
http://www.al.com/living/index.ssf/2015/08/all_lives_matter_march_draws_m.html (jump to article)

Note the difference:  “Hundreds” (vague) vs. “More than 20,000” (a bit more specific)

Now, as you go through your day and week…PAY ATTENTION to what gets coverage by the National News Outlets (a.k.a. The Media) because they are supposed to be your witnesses of events, and then PAY ATTENTION to the other news sites and what they say…and consider:

Did it really happen?
Does it really matter?
Did you really want to know the Truth?  About the event?  And About yourself?

Because a HUMONGOUS tree just fell in the woods….
whether or not you heard it, …
and whether or not you cared.

– The LDS Lamplighter