I once noticed on the side of a cement mixer the phrase “Integrity. You can count on.”

That struck me as odd.

It’s a nice platitude, with the undertones of Quality and Customer Service….like Reliability and Defect-free Workmanship.


Is there ever Integrity you can’t count on?

Isn’t that the whole point of Integrity? That you are whole and sound and complete enough that you’re able to deliver what you claim to deliver regardless of the circumstances?

And if your work can’t speak for you…which would give others a reason to speak for you…why do you feel it necessary to advertise what should already be natural to you?   Shouldn’t you already have integrity in the first place?  Isn’t it a given? Or do we feel that we have to convince others that they can trust us…because no one else is trustable?  Or is it just a great platitude to have…for display only?

Integrity. For show.

I don’t know. Call me “idealist”… but if we have to convince others with “bumper sticker platitudes” that are supposed to advertise the very characteristics our work ought to reflect in the first place, then maybe we’re just trying to convince ourselves that we are what we really aren’t just yet.

Then again, if we really reflect and know who we are, and we truly live and interact with Integrity, then maybe it really ought to be (and it doesn’t need to be said because our work will speak for itself):

Integrity. It’s who I am. Count on it!

The LDS Lamplighter