Interesting phenomenon that blood moon, huh? I took that photo from my front door.

You know, I was wondering how that redness actually happens.  Usually, we explain it off by saying it’s the atmospheric conditions, like a haze effect…kinda like how our sunsets and sunrises are reddish while near the horizon.  However, this eclipse was pretty high up from any horizon…and it was pretty bright before and after, with no redness during the bright period.  Furthermore, the redness happens only once in a while.  All other lunar eclipses aren’t reddish in hue.  If it was an atmospheric diffusion, we’d see more red lunar eclipses, shouldn’t we?  The next one is in 2033!  So this is a seldom, if not rare, occurrence.   And to have 4 “blood” moons in 2 years time, that’s another not-your-everyday occurrence. 

To me, how the copper hue happens when the moon is in the earth’s shadow is still beyond me.  It’s not an atmospheric effect.  I can’t explain how or why it happens differently from any other lunar eclipse.  Yet, I think that our society will dismiss how it all happens by presuming to be able to explain it…or just ignore it altogether.  Does it really matter?  To many, no.  To a very few, yes.

If anything, Science and Reason have made us complacent with miracles and heavenly manifestations.  It’s not that we doubt the miracle or its magnificence.  The majority of us just minimize the magnitude and significance of these events because we think we can explain it.

To me, it’s significant.  I don’t know how, I don’t know why.  For me, things don’t happen without a reason.  Just as things on earth have a purpose for their happening…not just a reason to explain how they happen, heavenly things have a heavenly purpose for their happening.  That’s the whole idea behind “Design”.  There are signs in the heavens, there are signs on the earth, and they are used as clues by God to communicate certain things to us. 

Sometimes, there are some things that are too coincidental to be written off as coincidental.

The LDS Lamplighter