When we remove the things that define us in this world–our career titles, our certificates of accomplishments and our awards, our degrees, our worldly possessions (material and otherwise), our hobbies, our homes, the people that surround us, our jobs, our education, and everything else that the world sees and uses to characterize and measure us–what is left?

Our true self.

I believe that when God removes things from our life, or keeps us from doing certain things, or gives us trials that result in our losing things (jobs, home, livelihood, bodily abilities, etc.)…it’s not because he’s taking things away from us.  Rather, it’s because He’s stripping us of what is unnecessary in our lives in order to bring out our true self.

Often, the things which we “lose” aren’t necessarily “unnecessary”; they may just be blocking our ability to see more clearly.  Take, for example, the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job.  Neither one wouldn’t be considered “unnecessary” per se, but it was probably necessary to remove them because something, someone, somehow was blocking our view of a much greater perspective…like our lack of trust in God, or maybe we are unable to see our own worth.  The trial of losing something was needed in order for us to see our true weakness, to expose our true self to us, so that we may see where we actually need to grow.

The idea of purging, of removing, and of stripping–and the trials that bring them about–aren’t meant to deprive us of something unnecessary.  They are meant to polish us, purify us, clean us, and ultimately, make us more beautiful…to help us discover our true worth.

Sometimes, it is hard to see why we lost something or someone at the time it happens.  That’s where Trusting God comes in.  When we can’t see because of the fog of uncertainty in our hearts and minds, and then He says, “Don’t worry.  I know where you’re headed and in which direction you need to go.  Now…go this way, ” do we trust Him?  It’s difficult because we’d much rather see the path on our own rather than rely on Him.  But trusting Him is always the first step in any kind of loss…because, then we have to wonder, “What am I supposed to learn from this…and where am I supposed to go from here?”

Sometimes, though, we get so caught up in our “loss” that we forget one thing:  We Matter THAT MUCH to Him!  That no matter how worthless we see ourselves, or how much of a failure we may think of ourselves, HE DOESN’T SEE US THAT WAY!!  He knows who we are…and by that, I mean, He knows our true identity:  You are a literal child of a King…a Heavenly King.  His child!  And that makes you…a Heavenly Princess…or a Heavenly Prince.

That is why YOU MATTER TO HIM.

And no matter what you go through on this earth, He stands ready to remind you of who you are…and He wishes to help you become that even more.  Because you are His child…an heir in His kingdom.

So, in the trial of your loss, you ultimately stand to gain something else…a more polished version of your true identity, more purified, more clean,…one of more worth.

The LDS Lamplighter