Sometimes, it doesn’t “hurt” to repost things like this…as a reminder for me…and for the rest of us as well.


I read this somewhere, some time ago, and somehow, its wit caught me off guard.

It’s not an easy thing to be shown one’s weaknesses. We try our hardest to hide them, fix them, or make up excuses for them. Little do we realize that we have them…by design. Why do we have them?

Because we need a reason to seek God, and He needs to give us some way to draw us nearer to Him. So, in our moments of weakness, we go looking for Him. When we’re ready, we’ll discover that His goodness is sufficient to cover us for what we lack and are unable to do.

Sometimes, admitting that we really do need God…and that He wants us to willingly look for Him…is a difficult thing. That truth may “ouch”…but His love more than makes up for it.

And that truth doesn’t ouch.

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