One of my co-workers has a silly sense of humor.  He loves my “whiteboard drawings” and loves to stand and comment on my drawings.  Lately, I’ve been drawing Minions on each of my co-workers’ whiteboards  Somehow, they’ve been quite the popular thing around here…a fun conversation starter as well as a stress releaser.

So, he proposes a challenge for me: Would I draw his family as the Minions, in a winter setting…for their annual Christmas card…for fun and giggles?  No digital imaging, just pure hand drawn fun?

Never done that before.  I accepted.

It took me a week to get the layout and family details and personality in place…but he sure laughed and giggled when he saw it.


So, there.  Bringing Christmas to you, by hand, with all the family and fun to go with it!

Enjoy your time with your family…because, in the end, that’s where everything comes together.

The LDS Lamplighter