It takes faith
To Trust
That a Miracle
Will occur
Before it even happens…

For a Doubter’s eyes
Expects to see it now
But a Faither’s eyes
Watches and waits with
Anticipation for
What will surely come.

And sometimes…

It takes faith
To Recognize
That a Miracle
Is happening
When it happens…
As it happens…

But a Doubter’s eyes
Would never see
a Miracle
Taking place
Right in front of him.
He would see
Or Reason it away
in his mind.
He would not wish
To really see it now
Nor acknowledge its existence
For he never really
Wanted it to happen anyway.

And other times,

It takes faith
To Realize
That a Miracle
Took place
Long after it happened…

For a Doubter’s eyes
Only sees
what he wished to see,
And expected
What he thought to expect,
Never realizing that
A Miracle occurs
On its own terms…not theirs,
At its own time…not theirs,
In its own way…not theirs.

Miracles occur…
Not by demand,
Nor on demand,
To satisfy
your curiosity
Or craving
for the Spectacular…


Miracles occur..
By Faith,
With Faith,
Because of Faith…
To give credit
To God
And draw us
To Him.

The LDS Lamplighter