“Perception is everything”
To the one deceiving you
For he needs to ensure
You think “It” is true.
And once you believe it,
The Bait has been bit
And he’s on to the next guise
For Deception to complete.


Perception is everything
To an elusive Con
For twist of hand or word or eye
Muddles the Truth alone.
He asks,
Did they notice?
Did they care?
Did I fool ’em enough to pass?
Did I leave out just enough
Or give ’em way too much
And leave ’em no time to ask?
Is my story good enough
To cover the Truth
’cause that’s all I need
To fool Aged or Youth.


Perception means nothing
To one speaking True
For he says it as ’tis..
To Accept or Reject’s on you.
There’s nothing to hide,
No need for Sleight,
No reason to have a campaign,
For Truth stands firmly
On it own accord
Good, bad, or indifferent
It’s as good as it’s word…
Again and again.
Truth is
“What is”
Now, From Now,
and Then.

So, choose Truth,
Live Truth,
And Be Truth,
You won’t need to hide.
And if you stand with Truth
The Lord
His Angels
Will stand
By your side.

The LDS Lamplighter