In a world that is full
Of Trouble and Woe,
Where Uncertainty and Fear
Embrace what you Know,
Where Deception reigns free
And Common Sense runs slow,
Where Love ‘s twisted ‘n hardened,
Freezing warmth’s glow,
Where people live “to be seen”,
Hearts only for show,
Where the Good try to hide
But there’s Nowhere to Go
For Evil runs rampant
In people High and Low…

Where is my Shelter,
My Refuge, My Shield?
Where’s the Anchor of Truth
Where my Heart yearns to yield?
Will Heaven open wide?
For ’tis where my Trust I build!
In a Fight I can’t face Alone,
But with Heav’ns power, I will.

Thru the Troubles we face
There’s one thing I know,
The Safest place to be
Is where God tells you to go.

Some will flee.
Some will stay.
Others will be asked to defend.
Some will face death.
Some will save from death.
Most will be asked to Stand.

Wherever the Threats
The Adversary will throw,
The safest place to be
Is where God tells you to go.

The LDS Lamplighter