I was talking to my friend about interview questions to ask candidates for a job posting at work, and she brought up this “tree question” as part of the “other side” of the interview…you know, the kind of off-the-wall, throws-you-off, no-pressure type of question:  If you were a Tree, what kind would you be?

And me?

Off the wall.  Thrown off.  No pressure.

I liked bonsai trees because they’re small, unique, and different from the others…kinda like how I wanted to see myself.  But I think this is what I’d like to be:

If I’m gonna be a tree, I’m gonna be the one that’s hanging on the side of a cliff.  

You know, no one wants to be that tree.   It’s in a tough spot.  It’s facing all of the elements: it’ll get the pounding, the stress, the heat.  It’s hanging on for dear life, and it doesn’t get relief.  It’s pretty lonely where it is.  It’s not in a popular spot, and it won’t be seen like all the others.


It’s deeply rooted.  You can’t budge it.  It’s gonna dig into that mountain, and it’s gonna hold on.  It’s gonna stand, no matter what.  And when you’re in trouble, falling down that cliff, and our paths happen to cross, you can reach out to me, and I’ll hold on to you until we can get you out of your problem.  And you can rest, assured…I won’t let you fall.

The tree that grows off the wall…but won’t throw you off…under any pressure.

Yeah…I wanna be that tree….

…Because that’s how Christ is, to me.

savior reaching under water 500x500