“If I’m the President…
They will do what I tell them.”

Putting the “Lipstick”
of “President”
On a Dictator…

…Who will force anyone
To do anything he says
Or else! Because they have no choice!
(…including the Military…)
Just because he says so…

…Who will do
anything she wants to do
(or anything she says
she wants to do)
Just because she can…

…Who sets the Tone, Attitude, and Role Model
of Vengeance,…but makes it “Awesome”, Finally!…
of Getting Even,…because you want someone to do it…
of Disregard for Laws and Civility…because it’s too much of a hassle to follow them…
of Selfishness, Greediness, Arrogance, and Narcissism…because it feels so good…
of Crudeness, Rudeness, and Lewdness…because it’s so easy to do…
Of Defiance…because they really don’t care…

…Who Deceives
Without skipping a beat…
And looking all Sincere…
Because he (or she) is good at it…

…Doesn’t make that candidate any less of a Dictator.

Just because you granted that person
The title of “President”
Doesn’t make that person
more Noble,
more Compassionate,
more Good.


You just made him
More powerful,
More untouchable,
More reckless,
More of a Dictator.

And that means…
Less to us,
Less for us,
Less of us,
And a diminishing, devaluing, demoralizing of U.S.
For we mean nothing
To a Dictator.

And if we can’t see that…
Then we truly are blind.

And that Dictator
Will hold our hands gently
And tie them tight
While telling us that
He’s only keeping us “Secure”.

She will bind our mouths
With freebies, food, fun, and force
So we cannot speak our mind
While telling us that
She’s keeping the “Peace”.

He will surround us with men
Disguised as Cameras, Unmarked Vehicles, and Monitoring Agencies…
Waiting to convict us of any thing
While telling us that
He’s keeping us “Safe”.

She will burden us
With our very own work
And take the fruits of our labor
and give it to others
who want our fruits…
for nothing in exchange
While telling us that
She believes in “Work” and “Industry”,
That We must “Share”
To help “The Poor”.
And so we will…by Force
While they live, enriched,
on our backs.

He will disregard our laws
While telling us that
We should follow the Law
For he is “The Law”;
The written Law is just a Hassle for them–
It slows them down
And they “can’t get anything done”–
But it’s great to use…AGAINST US…
Oh, yes, We Will!

And we will gain a Dictator
In the Guise of a President…

Because we didn’t want to see it…
Because we truly are deceieved.

This Dictator
Needs a Nation
To Become a Dictator.

This Dictator
Needs a Nation
Hungry, Frightened, and Sick of it all…
To Want a Dictator.

This Dictator
Needs a Nation
Deceived, Persuaded, Convinced…
To Vote for this Dictator.


This Dictator
Needs a Nation
Blinded, Asleep, Uncaring, In Chaos…
To control…
To rule over.

It takes a Nation
To Prevent a Dictator.

And it takes a Nation’s
To Remove a Dictator.

For it takes a Nation’s
Pleading and Returning to
The God of Heaven
To Replace that Dictator.

Even if it is
The President.

So, Nation…
What are you doing…
Holding that Lipstick
of Blood?

Will you continue to defy the God of Heaven?
And desire the paltry gods of men?
Will you desire to be deceived
For the empty promises of men
Will you return?
Will you change the desires of your heart for Good?
Will you desire the Truth…

And Truly See?
Will you?

– The LDS Lamplighter