“People are angry!”

That’s what I hear over the Media airwaves.  Over.  And over.  Especially as it deals with the U.S. Republican Party and the “Trump vs. Cruz” debate.  At least, that’s where the spotlight is shining the most.

“People are angry!”  They want Trump!

“People are angry!”  They want Cruz!

“People are angry!”  They want nothing to do with Obama!

“People are angry!”  They want nothing to do with the Republican Establishment!

“People are angry!”  Fed up! Through!  That’s it!  Done!  No more!

They’ve been disappointed.  Defied.  Despaired time and time again.  Uncertainty has been their companion.  Helplessness–familiar.  Overtaxed in strength and in the fruits of their labors.  Heard, but ignored.  Forced to comply.  Manipulated to obeisance.  Shaken, pushed, tried.

Done!  Done!  Done!  Angry!  Mad!  Out!  Out!  Out!  Throw them all out!

Enter, Yoda.

“Fear is the path to the Dark Side.”

“Fear leads to Anger.  Anger leads to Hate.  Hate…leads to Suffering.”

Is that where we are?

Angry?  Really?

Fear leads to Anger

We’ve been so immersed in uncertainty for so long…we’re not sure anymore.  We’re inundated with partial truths, exaggerated truths, convincing lies…we don’t know what to believe.

Isn’t that really what feeds our fear?  Uncertainty?  And Deceit?  Not knowing?  Terror isn’t Fear.  Terror is only a catalyst…an explosive one…that tears open the wounds that Uncertainty and Deception create.

And they use “the Force” of Law to make us do what they want. They use the Force of Media “persuasion” and “suggestion” to get us to think a certain way and to believe certain things. They use the Force of great numbers to overwhelm the few who stand. They use the Force of psychology to lead us to think that we need them. They use the Force…to gradually get us Angry.

Anger leads to Hate

And soon, because we are Angry, and we keep getting betrayed, and deceived, and led astray, and fooled into thinking that we really have a say into our nation’s path…we begin to despise those we thought we trusted. We begin to despise those we are forced to help for the sake of “helping the poor and needy”. We begin to despise our own nation. We begin to despise each other.

Beware the Path to the Dark Side

We don’t have to go there. Go there, we must not. There is a side of Light that is more powerful than Darkness. And it’s real.

It is the side of True Faith–a Trust in a power and Being not seen by human eyes.

It is the side of Truth.

It is the side of Compassion, Patience, Long-suffering, Kindness, Gentleness, Forgiveness, Mercy, Love unfeigned.

It is the side of Miracles and Heavenly Power.

It is the side of Good…

The side of God.

Go to Him, we must.

We may have left God’s presence, but let us not abandon God…
And He will not abandon us.

Yes, go to Him…we must.

The LDS Lamplighter