I read this article today from the Daily Wire, and the following thoughts came to mind.

Party Lyin’s

Somebody lied.
Somebody cut a deal.
Been working on these lies for years.

It doesn’t matter.
It’s just the Party Lyin’.

The Administration tells
What story to sell.
The Media echos
A fabricated “truth”.
Friends from High Places,
planted in the crowd.
A story is spun;
“Cover” stories covering lies.

It doesn’t matter.
Just following the Party Lyin’.

Politicians wrestlin’
in the Congressional ring?
Enemies on screen,
but friends behind the scenes?
Business cronies doin’ their thing?
The Public subdued by
the Money that sells the Lyin’?
Votes manipulated
To put Agendas in?

It doesn’t matter.
They’re working together,
across the aisle,
for the “good of the people”…

Riiiight. Wink, wink.

Working together…between Party Lyin’s.
Voting…to the Party Lyin.
Touting…the Party Lyin.
Getting things done.
That’s the Party Lyin’.

You want a StrongMan as President?
You want a Communist as President?
You want a Socialist as President?
You want a President who lies?

It doesn’t matter.
Anyone’ll do…either Party is fine,
cuz it’s the Party Lyin’.

Traditions of Independence? Gone.
Traditional family? Gone.
Morals and virtue? Gone.
Bona fide identity? Gone.
The original foundation of a nation. Gone.
True freedom. Gone.

A nation transformed.  Check.
A people changed.  Check.
New package! New look and feel!
Same deceptive taste of a nation.


People reflecting their “leaders'” bad behavior.
Leaders don’t lead,
but manage…and administer…another’s bidding.
Laws created to convict and destroy, not provide structure and order.
Laws made…to force people to their knees.

Chaos encouraged.
Defiance encouraged.
Rebellion encouraged.
People made irrelevant, demeaned, devalued.

God removed.

They all don’t matter.

It’s all happening…
All Planned…
Right down Party Lyin’s.

Readers and Listeners don’t care,
Cuz it doesn’t matter.
Too busy bein’ “slaves” to
Jobs, schedules, debt, and entertainment…
Besides, they don’t matter.

Too blind to see the real truth,
Too powerless to push back,
Too overwhelmed to fight…
Too desperate to have someone save them from all of this nonesense…
Too tired to take it all in and deal with it all…

Too much to matter…
Too complicated to matter…
Too boring to matter…
So, they just vote to the Party Lyin’.

Truth…It don’t mean much today.
It doesn’t matter.
And that’s the Party Lyin’.


I won’t submit
To the Party Lyin’.
I won’t tow
The Party Lyin’.


I will make God…my God.
I will make Family…the Home of my Life.
I will make Morals and Virtue…the Lifeblood
of my life, my family, my influence.
I will make Truth…the fabric of my Reality.

I will esteem others greater than myself.
I will care.
I will love.
I will defend
what is right,
what is true,
what is Good.
I will preserve what I can
of the good of a Nation that is still left.
I will instill into a New Generation
the virtues of a nobler Past.
I will live and raise and do
what Good I can,
with God as my guide.

I don’t care about Party Lyin’s.
I won’t follow the Party Lyin’s.
I won’t heed the Party Lyin’s.
Cuz there’s no need
for the Party Lyin’s.

They think they can do
Whatever they please,
Cuz they know our fighting back
Can’t budge them.

Still, no amount of Dark
Can ever extinguish the Truth.
Dark only surrounds the Truth
with more Darkness,
Like a candle lit in a dark stadium,
But that candle of Truth only shines brighter
as the Darkness grows Darker.

And those who truly seek Light
Will ignore the darkness
(cuz it won’t matter)
And clamor for the Light.

Be the Candle of Truth
In this season of dark times…
For Truth is what shines
In the dark of Party Lyin’s.

The LDS Lamplighter