I’m last
Not because I am weak
But because I am strong enough
To help those who are
Falling behind.

Leaders are strong enough
To blaze the trails
To try new ideas
To step into the unknown
To take the hits and punches
At the front.

Leaders are strong enough
To walk beside the Weak
To teach the Weak to lead
So the Weak may learn
To be Strong.

Leaders are strong enough
To let the rest go first
To put others before them
To lift those who’ve fallen
And strengthen the faltering.

Leaders are strong enough
To be the First
With the Middle
And the Last.


I went mountain biking in southern Utah with a group of boys this past week. It was their first time…as well as mine. As we took an 8-mile downhill trail down the canyon, I found myself at the end of the group…with the boys taking the lead. Some of the boys were far out in the front of the group, but a few of boys just in front of me were having trouble.

As we started, one boy’s rear wheel was bent out of shape just enough to constantly rub against his brakes, thus causing him to slow down. We stopped, and fortunately, I had the tools to loosen his brakes enough to let the wheel spin more freely. It got him going again.

And I rode at the end.

As we kept going, I noticed that one had trouble shifting gears out of first gear, so he was pedaling like crazy. I had to teach him how to switch gears so he wouldn’t tire himself out…especially under the hot sun.

And I rode at the end.

Farther down the trail, another boy’s bike chain kept getting caught in the sprockets…caused by a misalignment, and we had to stop and adjust the derailleurs a bit to get him going again.

And I rode at the end.

Not too long after that, the boy who had trouble shifting gears had a flat rear tire, and he was slowing down. Fortunately, I brought a bike pump and pumped up his wheel to get him going again.

Then I noticed that my front wheel was flat as well. So, I told the boy to go on ahead, and I’d catch up. Fixed my wheel. Off I sped…

And I rode at the end.

I finally caught up with all the boys who patiently waited for all of us “stragglers” to catch up with them. I thanked them for waiting and then directed them to proceed to our destination where we would be picked up. They sped off.

And I rode at the end.

And I’m glad I did….because that’s where I was the most valuable, of the most help, to these boys.

Yes, I was their leader.
And as their leader, I served them in their moments of great need….

Not at the front, but at the end.

And to these boys…
I helped them be strong enough
Because I was strong enough
And we all reached our destination.
–Yes, we made it–
Because we were all strong enough
To make it
To the end.

Such is the role of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
He leads his Church, yes…
By teaching us to lead with Him…His way.
He that would be a Master
Should also be a Servant,
Unafraid to fall on his knees
To lift those who, on their knees, have fallen.
He stops to help those
In their greatest moments of need.

Good Samaritan.

He helps us be strong enough…
Because He is strong enough
To help us
Reach our Final Destination
If we would just
Reach for Him…
And Lead with Him…
And Serve with Him…
and Endure with Him
To the End.

The LDS Lamplighter