Lord, make me a father,
The father I need to be.
Help me be strong when I am weak.
Help me be brave when I am afraid.
Help me stand tall in defeat
While gentle in victory.

Strengthen my hands
that work, lift, and build,
Bolster my shoulders
that bear the burdens upon it,
Anchor my feet against
the storms and winds of the World,
Soften my heart
to Compassion, Patience, and Mercy,
Help me Understand
Thy Wisdom.

Lord help me
Be as my father is.
Bless me with
his Humor,
his Insight,
his Love.
Bless me with
his gentleness,
his wisdom,
his graciousness.
Grant me
his love
of Music
of Simplicity
of Gentleness
His prayerfulness
His humility.
He loves my Mother, always.
He builds beautiful things…
He plants beautiful things…
He fixes things…
He makes things better.
He loves to feast…
Upon the good things of Life
And upon the Word of God.
He takes time
For his dearly Beloved Sweetheart
For his family
For his children
For his grandchildren
For others
And for God.

He taught me…
To play
To drive
To laugh
To joke
To think
To work
To make
To bless others
To lift
To be still
To stand up
To grow up
To defend myself
To cherish family
To love my wife
To know God
To trust God.

Lord, make me the father
That Father in Heaven is to me.
Help me cherish my wife, my eternal companion.
Help me listen to my children,
To savor each moment with them.
Help me be
Love unconditional
Grace personified
Patience eternal
Anchored, firm in Principle and Truth
Ever desiring to be with his children, his family
Ever desiring his children and family to be with Him
Ever present
Ever involved
Ever teaching
Ever trusting
Ever completing
Never, ever giving up on us.

Lord, help me always see
that my father is in me:
His laugh, his face,
His arms and his hands.
His wit, his meekness, his goodness.

Please help me always see
that The Father is in me:
From Justice
To Mercy
From Forgiveness
to Completeness.
From Firmness
To Gentleness.
From Faith
To Love.
From Humor
to Grace.
From Creator
to Finisher.

Lord, make me a father
of Our Father,
of My father,
to be a father
that my wife and children
may know, cherish, and love
their father,
and my father,
and Our Father.