*Walkie-talkie clicks on*

“Life is a highway
I wanna rock it all night long!
If you’re going my way…”

…Sang (yelled) the boys in my vehicle as they surprise radioed the other scouts in the other vehicle in front of us as we travelled through Arches National Park just outside of Moab, UT. 

It was a great travelling song from the Cars movie, and the scenery was just right with the red rocks, massive formations, and air conditioned SUV.

The boys in my SUV were just rockin’ out, listening to that great travelin’ song, and we were getting ready to belt out the chorus line, when all of a sudden, the other boys radioed us with

“Life is a highway
I wanna rock it all night long!”

Exactly when the chorus in our car was playing!

Wait. Whu’?!

I was puzzled.  How did they play that song in their car at exactly the same time as ours so that they’d be able to sing it right as we were about to sing it?

A few minutes went on, and a few more songs passed by as we drove.  We listened to Michael Jackson, some classic rock acoustic, some acapella jams, and even a bit of latin music.

Then my friend from the other vehicle radioed us and asked if we were picking up some weird radio station.  It’d sometimes go in and out.  Sometimes they’d hear rock music.  Sometimes, classic rock.  Sometimes, latin music.  “It’s wierd”, he said.

Then it finally hit me!  He was picking up my music coming from my FM transmitter.  It’s what I used to broadcast my phone music onto my radio…and when we were just close enough to them, they’d pick it up, too!  That explained how they were able to sing “Life is a Highway” at exactly the same time as we were. 

After that, the requests came in to play this song or that song.  And I was KOMR, Moab’s Unofficial Travelin’ Music. 

My challenge was to stay at just the right distance from the other vehicle so that they’d pick up my signal.  However, there were times when they’d be too fast, and “there was a distance between” us.  Or sometimes another vehicle would come between us.  Other times, another radio station would interfere.  That’s when my signal faded, and they couldn’t hear me.  I’d have to pull up close  behind them to get my signal strong enough for them. 

It was a fun trip…with a fun challenge.  Then Sunday came. 

After I got dressed for church, I knelt to pray to get my mind and heart ready for the Sabbath, but my mind felt distracted.  Other thoughts would penetrate my mind, and I couldn’t seem to speak the thoughts of my heart.  I struggled for a few minutes but then decided that I wasn’t going to force myself to pray like I was trying to.  Rather, I let my mind speak nothing…and just settle down…quiet.  So I just knelt there.

Then, when I finally felt ready, I just spoke what was in my mind.  I just talked.  To Father in Heaven.  I just started to thank Him and just speak whatever I was thinking. 

And then, that’s when the thoughts came to my mind.  That’s when things that I needed to do, to speak about, to act on…that’s when ideas started to come to me.  I knew He was speaking to me through the Holy Ghost, the Spirit.

And that’s when the lesson of the FM transmitter revealed itself to me.

Our Father in Heaven wants to speak to us, and there are times when we long to speak to Him, too. 

There are times when we don’t realize that he’s trying to speak to us…kinda like how the other vehicle didn’t realize that my FM transmitter was broadcasting.  All too often, we don’t think or realize that certain events, people, thoughts, impressions, inclinations, or even circumstances are messages from God our Father.  We just think, “Well, that was weird.”  And we dismiss them altogether.

There are times when we’ve made contact with Him.  We receive inspiration, understanding, enlightenment, revelation.  But, then, even after receiving such goodness, we allow ourselves to gather distance with God.  It could be that it’s been a long time since the last time we prayed or read the scriptures or went to church.  It could be that we allowed other activities to crowd out our taking time to develop our relationship with God and Jesus Christ.  It could be that we’re just filling our minds with so much activity or so much noise that we can’t settle down enough, or we’re too busy, to be still….still enough to pray.

Just like our FM transmitter troubles of distance, or other vehicles, or interfering signals kept the other car from hearing us.

Life may be a highway, full of speed and fun and noise and distractions of every kind.  Mp3 players blast in our ears.  Texts notify us.  Alarms sound.  Commercials blare.  Movies and games and shows blink and flicker.  Commotions abound.  Busy schedules drown out the pace of quiet living.

But the challenge in learning to hear our Father in Heaven through his Spirit (the Holy Ghost) is not an impossible task.  We just have to settle down, clear out the distractions from our heart and mind, and move closer to Him in order to hear Him.  And then, we just need to start talking to Him.

Just start talking.  The things pressing in your mind.  The things weighing down in your heart.  Your worries.  Your thanks.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

And once we tune in, we’ll discover that He has so much to tell us.  He’s been broadcasting on all channels, just waiting for us to hear Him.  All He really wants is for us to be close to Him…close enough to be with Him.  Close enough to start to talk to Him. 

Seek Him…and you’ll find Him.  Speak to Him…and you’ll hear Him.

And you don’t even have to go to Moab to do it. 

The LDS Lamplighter