“I don’t know who I am.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“I’m not sure of what I’m supposed to be.”

“I’m not worth anything.  I’m a failure.”

“No one understands me.  (Interpreted as: Only my friends understand me.)”

Sound familiar?  I’m sure each of us has had these moments of self-doubt where we question our own identity and our particular purpose for being here.  And it usually comes at a time of failure, a time of loneliness,….some kind of “down” time in our life when things just don’t seem to be going right.

You know what?

Lift up your head!  You are more than who you think you are.

Don’t listen to those thoughts that tell you you don’t know who you are.  That is the voice of the Enemy (and his helpers)…instilling those thoughts into your heart and mind.  Don’t give him room. He knows who you are from the life before this world, from the war he started with God…and he knows exactly who was against him there.  You were.   He also knows that you have forgotten who you really are:  one who sided with God in that pre-Earth, pre-mortal war.  You are one who has particular strengths…and weaknesses…that would be valuable in this mortal Earth life to fulfill Heavenly Father’s purposes in helping His children come home to him.  You have a particular mission, a role to fulfill, and the Enemy is afraid of what you are capable of doing once you discover it.   If the Enemy can just keep you from remembering or even re-discovering that role, that purpose, that identity you have, he thinks he can stop you…at least delay you.   And the more he can cause you to doubt yourself by instilling thoughts of “You’re worthless.  You don’t know who you are”  and other such nonsense, his delay tactics will keep you onto forgetting who you really are.

Do you know who knows you?

If you think your friends know you more than your parents do…if you think no one knows you…if you think people misunderstand you…let me tell you something:  Our Father in Heaven knows who you are.  Jesus Christ knows who you are.  From our pre-Earth life (the one you’ve forgotten), and your current Earth life…your life now, they know.  You have only forgotten it.  We all did.  We can’t remember who we are…and that’s normal.  The challenge is connecting with God so He can remind us.   And if we’re willing to be humble enough to receive what He imparts with us, and obedient enough to follow His instructions that’ll help us fulfill the role we were meant to be, it’ll be easier for Him to show us who we really are.

Pray to our Father in Heaven…He is real.  He is there.  And He is involved in your life.  Pray to Him…and ask Him to show you who you are.  Pray, and be ready to receive what He gives you…and be ready to act on it.   And He will speak to your mind, and in your heart.  You just have to  clear out your “clutter” and “noise” and really listen.

Yes, there are two people who really know us from the life before we came to this Earth:  Father in Heaven, and the Enemy.

One will do everything in his power to keep us forgetting who we really are….to stop us from fulfilling our purpose here on Earth.  He will attack our identity…and our purpose…and destroy it altogether.

One will show us who we really are…if we want Him to…if we’re ready to receive it.  And if we take that knowledge of our identity, and purpose, and work with Him to do something, something good, something that helps Him fulfill His purposes…(his Grand Overall Plan…to get us all back home to Him)….then He will show us, little by little, who we truly are…because, once we discover our identity and purpose, the Enemy knows that he is powerless over us…

And with us by God’s side, and Christ as our Captain, we are a Royal Army to be reckoned with.

Lift up your head!  That is who you are…who you are meant to be…and who you’ve always been.