57 more days until election day.

Will you vote?

No, the question isn’t “Who will you vote for?”  either.

I get the feeling that there are many Americans out there who feel like neither candidate is good…that a vote for either one is akin to committing nationalistic suicide.  It’s almost as if you’re being asked, “So do you want me to strike you with the sword, or do you want to run into it instead?”   Either way, you die.  The choice of candidates is more like a choice between an Establishment Dictator (very corrupt, very controlling, very clever, and very ruthless) versus a Non-Establishment Dictator (very controlling, very self-serving, doesn’t really care about the law, and will do things his own way…above the law).   Either way, you’re getting a dictator…of whatever flavor.

For many who truly care, the feeling is “I’m not sure I want to vote.”

And yet, the pressure is, “You gotta vote.  You have to.  It’s the patriotic thing to do.”

Will I vote?

What I share with you now…are my thoughts…and my thoughts alone.  They are not the thoughts of any Church, of any organization, not even my family.  I have not searched the internet for any like-minded sentiments either.  So, if anyone thinks similarly to what I’m about to say, so be it…but, for the record, these is how I view it.  You’re welcome to consider them or toss them aside.  It doesn’t matter with me.

Voting has been made meaningless by those who count the votes, by those who promote the votes, and by those who seek your votes.  Voting has been used to legitimize unethical behavior and immoral behavior.  It has been used to pressure people…good people…to legitimize laws, policies, and even principles that would undermine their freedom.  It is used by those in positions of power and influence to gain that power and influence by convincing others…the very people they would rule over…to vote them into those positions, thus legitimizing them….and making it easy to place them blame upon the people (“You voted for them”, “…the Will of the People”, “…decided by We the People”).

It used to be that voting was a way to indicate your choice, a way to show your approval (or disapproval) of a particular thing, and that you took responsibility for what you had just agreed to.   To some degree, that may still be. Thus, for the “normal” folks, the common people, for the good, moral, principled people, that may very well be the case.

But these days, people are caused or influenced to think a certain way whether by Media, by Data,  by Culture, and by the Candidates and their Supporters (handlers and minions…not the people themselves), and that the choices are manipulated…indirectly…to make you think that the final choices presented to you are the true and actual choices…only.  And then, you are compelled (forced) to choose between the manipulated choices….or else you will be pressured (peer pressured) by society, or disparaged as unpatriotic, un-American.

Again…voting has been made irrelevant and is now a tool of a Democracy (popularity) rather than a Republic (representation). The nation has been convinced to think that it is a Democracy…rather than a Constitutional Republic.  Even the Electoral College has been made irrelevant and is used merely as a symbolic gesture rather than an official final determinator based on representation.

Again…voting is used as a tool to legitimize the illegitimate…and place the blame upon those who will be ruled.

So will I vote?

In Luke 20: 22-25, Jesus Christ was asked essentially (in an effort to trick him), “Is it lawful to pay taxes?”   His response indicated that he knew of the intent of their questioning (thus their heart and motives)…and that their question wasn’t really their intent.

24 Shew me a penny. Whose image and superscription hath it? They answered and said, Cæsar’s.

25 And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Cæsar the things which be Cæsar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.

Christ realized that the “things which be Caesar’s” are just of this world, of the place where he currently lived.  Sure, there are laws, and you may be compelled to follow them in order to be compliant and conform to the norms of society…even if that society is “out of whack”.  (The Roman Society was still ruthless in its day, and even the Jews in power at that time had their own ruthlessness and desires for control and power.)

However, despite that society and the “norms” of that society, Christ understood who He was.  He was a Son of God…and he would give Himself to God.  That was His soul; He was God’s.  That was his commitment, his loyalty, his desire.

It’s one thing to be a law-abiding citizen of your nation/society.  It’s another to be obedient to God.  One is an obligation, a duty to a temporal, mortal entity.  The other is out of love…to a greater entity.  And one is subordinate to the other…you can’t do the lower without doing the higher.

And that is why when the tax collector came to Christ and Peter, asking them if they planned to pay their taxes (Matthew 17:27), He did, just not in the way that was expected.  He fulfilled the demands of their laws and expectations…to appease them, not because of love for the one who demanded the taxes.  He remained in compliance to the local laws without reverting to being subservient to those very laws.

So will I vote?

While voting isn’t a law…it is my choice to act.  If I vote, I may do it to appease those who question me.   If you want me to vote, I’ll vote.  Even if voting has been made irrelevant.

I will render unto America that which is America’s.

But when I vote, I will vote for the right.   I will vote for what will allow us and help us to come back to God…for we have removed Him from this nation.  No one seems to want the true Savior….even though they seek a savior from their national, societal, cultural troubles.  They seek a savior among the men of the earth.  I don’t want the saviors who pose and position themselves as candidates.   I don’t want to legitimize the illegitimate.

I want to render unto God that which is God’s.

While, yes, I am a citizen of this nation, ultimately, I am a son of God…and therein lies my loyalty, regardless of where I am.