Have you heard?
In about a week
A savior will come
The Chosen One will rise
From the sea
Of Voices.

The tired, the poor, the weak,
The victims and oppressed,
Have been waiting
For their savior,
Their deliverer.
Their king
Who brings
Power and Salvation.
Promising you…
Rest from your troubles.
Peace in your lands.
Security from your enemies.
Greatness in the eyes of the world.

PR Preachers proclaim with
Media Missionaries who
Shout from above the rooftops
With Prophetic Polls
And Predictive Models
To foretell, forecast,
Convince you of the outcomes
They want you to believe,
Psychologically prophesying,
Predicting the coming of an
Unprecedented President…

They preach from platforms
Of sights and sounds,
Production-quality echo chambers,
Stages of smoke and mirrors,
Declaring the doctrines of
Social Justice,
Lightly sprinkled with
Freedom, Hope,
and the human spirit.

They Baptize–
Yes–Immerse You
Fabricated Truths
Believable Lies
Justified Excuses
Pretended Apologies
Scripted Debates
From their great
Cathedrals of Contention
to get you to Believe.

Presidential saviors
Preach  from their
Prepared Pulpits of
Public Influence…
Their proxy words written
Without Heart…
But their scripted mouths speaking
The soothing salves
Of Safety and Security
Peace and Prosperity
Greatness and Glory
Hope in a Change
Protection and Progress.

Tickling your itching ears.

Anything…for slaves.

Welcome to
The Denomination of Politics
In the Church of State
Which does everything
in the name of
The People
But really does everything
for its own salvation.

This church has converted–
A peculiar Nation
of God, Freedom, and Hope
Distinct from other nations,
Desired by those
Yearning to Breathe Free
an obamanation
a perversion
a degradation
a desecration
a humiliation.
Her people have become
divided, demoralized,
desensitized, distracted,
Deceived, seduced,
convinced to be enslaved,
a hiss and a spit,
a sham, a shame,
in the face of the world.

No matter.
For such is the mission
of the Church of State.

There is no separation
Of church and state
When the State is the Church,
When Government is god
That chooses, and offers,
Your Presidential, kingly savior
And asks for your
Validating vote.

They just want to know:
Do you believe them?
Did you fall for them?
Will you do as
They persuade you to do?
Are you
Participating in their Practices
Convinced of their Ways
Converted to their Doctrines
Enough to act?
Enough to commit yourself to them?
Enough to stand by them?
Enough to be ruled by them?
For they have a savior
to offer you.
Will you join their church?

In about a week…
When they offer you
Their savior…
All they really ask for
Is your legitimizing Vote
Legitimizing what they’ve done
Validating their power
Sealing our fate
In an Election…made Sure.

And all I ask you is
“Do you believe them?”

The LDS Lamplighter