Post-election thoughts turned into a poem, with two videos for context. I’m not trying to be funny here. I’m actually serious. I feel that these characters were being used “caricaturely” for America. Strange that the movie should come out last year during the onset of this election, isn’t it?

Poem is after the videos:

  1. The search for the next “baddest” leader:


2. The new boss who “stole” the crown:


A Minion Nation

We are no longer
An obamanation that is despised…
For which we have
and been

No longer are we
A nation to look up to.
We have become
A nation looked down upon.

We have been turned into
A minion-nation…
Caricatures, laughable,
Comical hard workers.
A funny kind of people,
A mixture of languages.
Humorous to watch
Antics that make no sense
Poor little creatures.
How quaint…
Yes, we are.

Looking for a leader…
Lost without a Ruler.
Always needing
A Strongman
To tell us what to do.

Always following the next
Most Despicable Leader
Because, really,
There are no Evil Leaders….RIGHT?
Just really Despicable ones…RIGHT?


And so
We elect our Strongman…
Our leader…
Our ruler…
Because we seem to want
To be ruled,
To be fed artificial Liberty…that…
Looks like Freedom
Sounds like Freedom
Tastes like Freedom
Feels like Freedom
Acts like Freedom
Has words like “Freedom”
But isn’t.

We want our Strongman
To fix everything
To throw “them” all out
To fight all “the bad guys”
To take control
To silence everyone
For a sense of Peace.
Not True Peace.

And when we willingly give him
All our Freedom
To do All Things…
Will he do them
In our behalf?
For our benefit?
Or his?
We only wish.
There is no hope in that.
We cannot hope;
There is no assurance
For Freedom regained
in Freedom lost.

Why were we convinced to leave
The Redeeming God of all men
For the deemed gods we make of men?
To leave his Blessings, Promised
For Politically Positioned Promises?

Why do we settle
For Despicable?
To Become
Despicable ourselves?

From despised obamanation
To “despicab-led” minion-nation?
We have traveled so far,
To fall even farther.

And when we fall…
And have become small…
In the eyes of all…

When other nations tread upon us…
Welcomed with open doors…
Offering them our lands, our hands, our minds…
Giving them our riches…freely…
For their carrot-stick money;
And we bow
to their will,
to their demands,
to their Money…
And we lose
Our unity
from our stubborn, opinionated, divisiveness…
And we lose
the confidence, respect, and faith
of other nations,
and each other
and our liberty
to choose for ourselves…

We will be brought
To our knees.

Out of Humility?
Or by Force?

When we are
on the edge of splitting up…
the hope of uniting drying up…
on the brink of giving up…
Dear Nation,
Look Up.
Raise your voices…Up
To Him who established this Nation
With His Hand.
Who prepared a people
Preserved a Generation
Built a Foundation
Of Freedom
For this Land.
HE…grants Freedom.
HE…gives Divine Protection.
HE…preserves your Nation.
HE…gives another chance…
For us to make it right to Him
To return to Him

Peace…be still,
And know,
He is still your God.

Dear Nation.
Be His People
Look Up.
Follow Him…