It’s only been eleven days since the election results, and I’m amazed and saddened by what’s happening to this once-great nation.   We are being fed, from many points of media, the images and sounds of protests, unrest, and rebellion.

What fascinates me is that the election results are not final, yet people are acting as if they are.  Not just the general population…but even the so-called President-elect.  Factions of the general public are lashing out as if it’s already a done deal…when, in fact, the electoral college still has to vote…IN DECEMBER!  That’s where the final vote, the official vote, comes.  Yet, we are being fed…constantly…that we are a divided nation, not a united one.  We are being fed that Trump supporters are one of the many “-ist” labels that need to be condemned.  We are being fed…repeatedly…that we must rise up and revolt, rebel, and replace what currently is in place.

The politicians sit back, the Media keeps feeding, the wild masses keep growing, and everyone else watches…helpless at times…even as the oft-celebrated seasons of Peace and Gratitude come upon us.

It’s not your typical zombie apocalypse, but it’s a fascinating one.

For some reason, this verse in the Bible comes to me: “for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”  (1 Samuel 16:7)

A symbo-literal zombie apocalypse

I find it interesting just how the zombie theme has popped up in the entertainment and emergency prep culture these past few years.  Almost as if we were being prepped for it.

Ever notice how zombies are depicted as “the living dead”, with no brains, and they want your brain.   They are un-thinking, illogical, erratic, and respond only to stimulus around them.  They are moving, but not living.  They come in huge numbers, overwhelming you, surrounding you.  Their hearts are cold, unfeeling.   They wreak havoc wherever they go.  And if you cross their path, you may end up just like them.    You can try to run away from them, but somehow, you end up confronting them eventually.

What does that have to do with what’s happening now?

I have friends who are bitterly disappointed with the results of this election.  However, they are not inclined to go out and protest and cause havoc just because they didn’t get what they wanted.  They don’t want to involve themselves in such things but would rather just move on and make the best of it.  They’re not “caught up” in the apocalypse.

But what about the protests?  Are they truly legitimate protests?  Are the people in the protests really protesting their grievance?  Is that really the heart of these protests?  And how did they start?   Who really organized these protests?  Are they truly, genuine and spontaneous as the media tries to portray…or were they planned beforehand, behind closed doors?

Who are these people?  There are reports that people are being bussed in and being paid to protest.  There are ads in Craigslist offering $1500 a week for people to protest against Trump.  Really?  Protesters for hire?  If so, who’s paying them?  We can cry “conspiracy theory” all we want…but that’s just a label to downplay what’s really happening.

The question is:  Who’s stirring up the people to a frenzy?  And for those who are legitimately following such protests, are you really being reasonable about this?  Are you really thinking about what you’re doing?   The hordes of those who have lost the mind of reason and rationale have been infected by those who pose as “lead zombies”.   And those “lead zombies” want your mind.   They want you to believe their cause, their reasons for protesting.  They truly want you convinced…and once you’re convinced, they have your mind.  And you can join their horde, cause damage, cause confusion, cause pain, and cause others to join your mindless cause.

And the people who want the people of this nation to be in a frenzy will continue to create more hordes in other places, while the cameraman of Media points to the appearance of protest.  You, reader, must understand  what’s at the heart of that “imagery of protest”:  is it truly a grievance, or is it a paid commotion to get you to believe a false grievance?

And the people who get caught up in the mix…thinking that they’re joining forces with those leading the movements of protest?  What of them?  Are they being stirred up…only to become cold in their hearts?  Un-feeling?  Un-thinking?  Just responding to the next cry for frenzy?  Leaving havoc in their path?  Have they become social zombies as well?  Are they just caught up in the appearance of it all…demonstrating for the sake of looking like they’re demonstrating?

Or are the protest issues really that deep?  Are they really issues…or contrived to stir up the hearts of men?  And if they truly cry “Racist!” or “Hater!” or whatever….is it really justified?  Or are these protesters just their reflecting the frenzy around them?  A mindless, thoughtless, reason-less, and blind following of those who truly wish to divide America?

We may not have blood-stained, brain-removed, heart-less zombies roaming around us.  No, not your typical zombie.  But there are social “zombies” wreaking havoc in the very culture and heart of America.  They are the instigators, American defectors stirring up the hearts of normal people to turn against each other.   They don’t want to eat your brain…but they want your mind “consumed”…with distrust, disgust, and hostility.  While their outward appearance carries signs that say “Love”, their hearts, their voices, and their actions scream otherwise.  They call for unity…but their actions divide.  Hearts toward each other run cold, and love freezes still.

And the rest of America watches…helpless at times…unsure of how to deal with all of that while, at the same time, trying to move on…living.

The Lord looketh upon the Heart

And so, it is up to the rest of us who aren’t caught up in the mix to preserve these things: our heart, our loyalty and love towards each other (even to those with whom we disagree), and a return to God.  If we can keep our integrity intact, if we can develop and maintain our relationships with each other, and if we can just turn back to the God we’ve allowed to be kicked out of our country, we will have a chance of surviving…and this, too, shall pass…but not before it escalates.

Sometimes, when things get too overwhelming, we just need a reason to turn back to God and avail of His hand of protection.  And He’ll give us a reason.

Even if it’s a zombie apocalypse.