Amid the noise
The distracts of toys
The dissenting voice
The rebellious choice

The unending list
Of tasks unmissed
Or the tempting mist
Of Seduction’s kiss

Or when the cries of despair
Fill your ears and the air
Or the people there
About you…don’t care

When life swirls and tumbles
Causing your world to crumble
Too strained, tired, to struggle
Brought to your knees, humbled

Fight for the quiet
Let go of your will
Cry, yes…cry
Peace…Be still

And know that
He is God
He is your Father
He loves you
He knows you
He’s reaching for you
He’ll lift you
He’s already listening
To You.

Fight for the quiet
An emptied heart, ready to fill
Listen…yes, listen
Peace…Be still

Call Him!
And speak from your Heart
That’s all…

He’ll speak to you
You’ll hear Him
Yes…you will
Believe Him!

Despite the storm
Despite the swirl
Despite the unjust shouts
Of a tumultuous world

In the midst of the waves
When your heart’s tempest-tossed
And you feel all alone
And you feel all’s lost

Fight for the quiet
Listen to His call
Reach for His hand
Lifted, Raised
Strengthened with Faith,
Walk on stormy waters
With Heart unscathed…

Yes, dear friend…you will.

So, Peace, my friend…be still.