When you face a flaw
When you meet a mistake
An event overlooked
A special time forgotten
And your heart left broken
Do you make room
To Forgive?
For Second Chances?
To love…again
And renew your embrace?

When you see a chance
To criticize or complain
And you are right
And it’s the brutal truth
Do you make room
To be Kind

When you see someone
Fallen, on the ground
Dejected, rejected, lost…un-found
Sickly, alone, no friend, no home
Do you make room
To be Compassionate?

When you hear
Untruths overheard
Accusations fly
Rationalizations creep
Justifications cry
Do you make room
For Integrity?
For Sincerity?
For Genuine Gentleness?

When you face uncertainty
When you face doubt
When you hear the unjust shouts
Of a disbelieving crowd…

When trust runs thin
And Heaven feels far
And you feel that even God
Knows not where you are…

When Reason jeers
While the crowd cheers
Deserted by your peers
Driving confidence to tears…

When trials block your way
And weakness grips your knees
And despair surrounds your heart
And deafness hears your pleas
Do you make room
For Faith?
For Steadfastness?
For Patience?
For Hope?
For Peace?

When Sadness spreads
And Frustrations mount
And Annoyances appear
More than you can count…

When Tempers shoot
From Irritations galore
And buttons get pushed
And pushed even more…
Do you make room
For Humor, For Joy
For Laughter unseen
For Bright spots in Tight spots
Where they’ve never been?

Do you make room
For more than just Goodness
For nobler than Noble
For greater than Great
For once, in a stable,
Because the Inn had no space
It was giv’n to One
Greater than this place.

Do we make room
in our lives for His ways
Thinking His thoughts,
Our tongues…what He says.

Do we make room…
Of Him, even a part
Do we have room now
For Him in our Heart.

Do you make room
Do you have room
Will you find room
For Christ?



The LDS Lamplighter