Sometimes, I get “Christmas song burnout” when I hear the same 15 some-odd songs, the same melodies, just with different voices, different inflections, different instruments.  Like someone humorously told me long ago…“The voice has changed…but the breath’s the same.”

Well, this year, I found some new faves.  Maybe you’ve heard them before.  Maybe you haven’t.  Let me share 3 of them with you…so have a listen, and enjoy!

1. This one I enjoyed so much…I learned it on the ukulele:

2. This one, I loved the lyrics and simple melody so much…that I learned how to play it on the guitar.

3. This last one just struck a chord with me (pun intended.)  I’m gonna learn it somehow.

A wondrous Christmas to all of you…and looking upward, Heavenward, to a Hope-filled New Year!