Sit still
for a while…
I’m trying to hear
So still
So quiet…
He’s trying to tell me
And I want to hear Him.
I’m listening.
I don’t want to miss it.
I want to write it down
Or else I’ll forget it.

Did you get that?
I understood that better now!
That was just
what I was looking for.
It’s clearer now.
He spoke to me…
Not a voice in my head…
But a voice in my Heart
And He taught me something…
Showed me what
I didn’t know before
Or never realized
Until now.
But that was great!

I love Him!

Let me write that down
So I don’t forget.
I’ll keep that.
I treasure that.

There’s gotta be more
He wants to tell me.
Let me get ready.
Let me listen.
Let me be still.


I’m trying to hear