“That’s not right,” commented Kary, my co-worker, as I erased all my “Minion artwork” drawings on my whiteboard to clear it for new content…and replaced them with *gasp!* …a To-do list for the different groups I support!  My whiteboard was our “water-cooler” for team bonding, joking, and creativity, and to replace my ART with TASKS…oh, boy.

However, I was under pressure to keep track of all the different tasks for different managers, each with immediate concerns and team-specific tasks…and I wanted to make sure that everyone got taken care of.   I needed to put up the tasks I needed to remember…because they were just beginning to pile up.

As we talked about the somewhat immediate future of my whiteboard and my need to remember all these things, I remembered a scripture in the Bible that said something about seeing something in front of you all the time.  I finally found it, and it says:

“I have graven thee upon the palm of my hands; thy walls are continuously before me.”  Isaiah 49:16

And something clicked!  Isaiah’s not an easy read…full of symbols, rich in significance…but this time, with my whiteboard, I understood something a little more about who Jesus Christ is.

The Reason Why

Why do I put up something to be in front of me as a reminder?  Because I care enough about it to remember it, to address it, to make sure it’s not forgotten.  I care enough to make sure needs are met, tasks are completed, and people are taken care of.

And that’s why Christ puts US continuously before him…as if we were on His personal Post-it note.  He doesn’t want to forget us…but not only that!  He wants to make sure to help us as we need Him.  He’s watching over our welfare, making sure things happen for our good, always inviting us to Remember Him and Come to Him as well.

Not only are We on His post-it note…but we are “engraved”…”upon the palm of [His] hands”.  We’re a permanent fixture on Him.  Those nails from the cross that pierced his Hands…are because of us.  Those nailprints…are for us…in our behalf.

In other words…He CARES ENOUGH about us to put us on His “to-do list”.  We are His “to do list”.  When we feel like He’s forgotten us, let us remember…HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN US…NOR FORSAKEN US.  Usually, it’s the other way around…we forget Him.  We don’t care enough about Him.  And we forsake Him.

Instead, let’s put Him in our heart’s and our life’s whiteboard…right at the top of the our list.  He puts us first in his list of priorities..because he cares THAT MUCH…because He LOVES us.  

Likewise, let us put Him first…and show that we, too, care THAT MUCH, because we want to love Him, too.

Then, let us extend that kind of caring…to others…and love them, care about their issues, care about their problems,  care about their struggles…and help them up, help them out, help them get through…just as Christ strives to do with each one of us.

Christ says to us, “YOU are on my Post-it note…so I can help you with whatever you need help with… and I’ll help you, lift you, be with you, until you are strong enough to help another.”

Allow me also to tell you, “I’ll put YOU on my Post-it note…and I’ll help you, lift you, be with you, until you..my friend…are strong enough to help another.”

“Love one another…[the same way] as I have loved you.”  John 13:34