“I’m sorry”…

Sorry doesn’t fix the problem…
but admits I was part of it.
I sincerely feel bad
That I did what I did.

Sorry doesn’t “make it go away”…
Just because it’s something I say.
It doesn’t make up for
Opportunities lost,
Damages of any cost,
Or Pain that was caused
Or Happiness that was paused…
It doesn’t mean
Just because I said it
WE are now Okay.

Sorry is never enough…
And it’ll never be
Because I know I’ll keep messing up
Even though I try not to, you see.

Sorry doesn’t change
How you choose to see me.
It just changes
How I choose to face you:
Broken, ashamed,
Embarrassed, to blame…
Regardless of how you see me.

Sorry is not the end
of the problem of Me…
But it is the beginning of
A renewed Me
A “try again” Me
An “I’ll do better” Me
An “I’ll be better” Me
And a “please forgive me”.

Sorry is only my part,
And Mercy is yours,
In a greater gift of Love
Named “Forgiveness”.

It is a plea,
An extended hand
To reunite myself with you,
If you let me,
And become whole
With You…