Hungry, Thirsty,
Empty, Drained,
Alone, Burdened,
Forgetful, Pained.
Tempted, tossed,
Stretched and Pulled
Burned out, discouraged,
Distracted, lulled…

Too busy with work…
Too busy with home…
Too busy with kids…
Now my energy is gone.

I’m empty
So empty
I need to be filled…

I need Thee!
Oh, how I need Thee!
Every hour I need Thee!

I used my strength alone
To face my challenges
Of Self, Work, and Home…
I rushed out
to fight or flee…
Never Hushing my Heart enough
For Thee.

So now, I willingly
Give up my Hunger…
To Hunger…for Thee.
My emptiness I offer
For a Heart ready to be filled…
I turn my longings
for the food of this world
the tempting urges
the carnal desires
the busy schedules
the restless lulls
Turn from those longings
To longings for Thee.

Give me strength, dear Father
For I am weak.
I am weakend
And my Heart is sick.
Please forgive me.
Lift me up, make me whole
And strengthen my arms…and my Will
That my hands may lift
my wife
my son
my daughter
my brother
my sister
my father and mother
my friend
and anyone else
who is also weak.

I need Thee!
Oh How I need Thee!

I hunger for Thee,
For Thy Love
For Thy Forgiveness
For Thy Words
of Comfort
of Teaching
of Encouragement
of Strength.
Help me be thy companion
As I wish for Thee to be mine.

Make me whole again.
Fill me with thy Love.
Fill my mind with Righteousness.
Fill my longings with thy Will.
Fill my heart with strength to Trust Thee.
Fill my gaps of Weakness with thy Goodness.
Fill my soul with thy Spirit.
Oh, make me Whole!
Oh, make me Holy…

I need Thee!
Oh, How I need Thee!
Bless me now, my Savior…
For…I come to Thee.

6 And blessed are all they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled with the Holy Ghost. (link)