It’s true
It’s been said
Faith, without Works
Is Dead.

But,also true,
And don’t be misled,
That Works, without Faith,
Are also Dead.

Belief alone
Cannot sustain
From a troubled Heart’s
Cries of pain.

Belief alone
Can’t resolve Conflict’s face
Nor fix the Broken
Nor the lost, replace.

Belief alone
Does not forgive
Nor heals the wounds
As Mercy gives.

Belief alone
Does not give gen’rously
Does not love nor serve
Nor pray on one’s knee.

Faith is more
Than Belief alone
For your Faith to show,
Works must be done.

But Works alone
Don’t always show
Your Heart’s intent
Or what you truly know.

Works alone
Can be habits, routines,
Rites, ceremonies, traditions,
Empty shells to be seen.
Going to church,
Attending church classes,
Worshipping in public,
Or praying with the masses.

You can look like a Christian
And do what they do
You act like they act
The proper way too.

But if your heart isn’t in it
What good is it then
If your “faith-like” actions
Are just to be seen of men?

What good is your prayer
When you didn’t really pray?
You said all these words
But had nothing to say.

What good is church-going
When the real reason you go
Is not to be shamed
Or it’s only for show?

So, with any of our works,
To have any effect,
Must–with Heart, Soul, and Faith–
Ultimately connect.
But even more
With Faith, Heart, and Soul
Our works must connect us to God
That’s the ultimate goal.

So yes it’s been said
Faith without Works is Dead,
But don’t be misled
For Works, void of Faith, are also Dead.