The bond of Love
Is no shackle with no key.
It’s not a chain
That ties you to me.
No camera of distrust
To watch your every move
No fists of abuse
No push, no shove.

The bond of Love
Is an Embrace,
Arms open free
To welcome Me to You
And You to Me.
We both close our arms
Round each other’s heart;
Tho’ we both hold the keys
We wish ne’er to part.

‘Tis the keys of Love
Commitment, Faith,
Sealed, married
by Heav’n’s stamp,
A family to create.

‘Tis hands clasp’d…Together
And hearts tightly knit
It’s Loyal.  “I will”.
I Trust.  I commit.

‘Tis listening closely
With patient wait
‘Tis Sorry early
And Anger late.

‘Tis a promise I keep,
With joy I strive to give.
Your strengths, I’ll magnify,
And weaknesses, forgive.
It’s come as you are
But leave better than before
For love that binds
Leaves you uplifted and more.

Together we work
Together we play
Together we struggle
Together we pray
Together we cry
We can laugh all day
Together thru good times
And the bad times, we stay.

The bond of Love
Has no lock, no rope,
No sleight of hand,
No loss of hope.
It’s not always rainbows
Not always roses
Not always romantic, idyllic
As everyone supposes.

There’s something real,
Something deep and fulfilling
It’s more than a honeymoon.
More than a feeling.
It’s more than togetherness
Even when you’re apart,
For that fondness grows fonder
When you’re heart-to-heart.

The bond of Love
Is our Joining Together…
Husband and Wife,
Raise a family…not strife,
Partners thru life,
With us and God above,
Companions forever.