There is a scripture that says,

For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

In the context of this verse, this is God the Father speaking.  If I was to re-translate this into everyday “churchy” words, I’d probably say it like this:

This is my work and what brings me happiness–to help everyone be resurrected and help everyone have eternal life.

But if I was to make this verse a bit more personal, I’d read it this way…in the way that Heavenly Father, our Father, would probably want to say it to each of us:

This is my work, my purpose, and what would bring me the greatest joy–to help each of you Come Home to Me…and Be Comfortable Being at Home…with Me, always.

Why?  Because He knows that each of us will come to this earth forgetting Him.  We won’t remember Him.  And what’s the risk?  What’s HIS RISK for sending us to a place where we’ll forget him to begin with and then be surrounded by distractions and influences (people, things, otherwise) that keep us from even trying to remember Him again?

That Risk is this:  That we’ll want to stay forgetting Him.  That we won’t want to remember Him.  That we will not want to trust Him, and not want to be with Him again.   And those that have forgotten him and rejected him will cause others to doubt Him, forget Him, and leave Him.  I feel that this is what would sadden him the most…that His children don’t want to come Home…to Him…and be with Him, ever.   I know I would, as a father to my children.

For us who’ve tasted His love, who’ve searched for Him and found glimpses of Him, searched Him and seen His hand, searched and discovered His love, searched and prayed and have discovered the joys of conversing with Him day to day…let us remind others of His love.  Let us help them find Him again, just as we have.  Let us help our Father with his work:  help others come back Home to Him…and be comfortable with Him again, now…and always.

Of all the Fathers I wish to greet a Happy Father’s Day…it is to our one Father who resides in Heaven, our Heavenly Father.  I want to make it…Our Father’s Day.